Music, Media and Digital Stars Gather for Tubular X Launch Party

Music, Media and Digital Stars Gather for Tubular X Launch Party

Last night I had the pleasure of going down to the exciting (and exclusive) Adidas Tubular X launch event on Old Street in Kachette, a very cool and futuristic venue perfect for the event.

According to Adidas, ‘Tubular is a vision of the future created from abstracted, collective memories of Adidas archives.’

The event was mainly filled with stylish young people proudly rocking their Adidas shoes and clothing and you had a few rebels rocking their Nike’s and other sportswear brands. Then you had a few divas like me that were rocking some edgy boots!

A number of well-known faces made an appearance too including Wretch 32, Guvna B, Oliver Proudlock who was rocking his white Tubular X’s which he thought were really ‘wide’ at first before he got used to them, Dj Neptizzle and Boya Dee who I met in the dance room turning up to some house beats. As I recently found out that Boya Dee now does news reporting after his tweets in 2013 went viral, there was no way I was leaving without having a word with him and bless him he was lovely!

Check out my quick and exclusive interview with Boya Dee below:
Liz: Hey Boya Dee how are you finding the event?
Boya Dee: Great! Adidas always know how to put on a show!
Liz: What do you think of the Adidas Tubular X trainers?
Boya: Adidas hooked me up with a pair and they are cool! Real comfy and look great!
Liz: Wicked. How are you finding life as a news reporter?
Boya: It’s great! I love shedding light on new and innovative things! I also want to be an inspiration for young people from a similar background that it’s possible to be a news reporter on such a well renowned platform.
Liz: That’s good. That’s good. Are you still going to do some more music in the future?
Boya: Of course! I’ll never stop making music! In fact there’s something in the pipeline that I’ll be dropping soonish.

Eeeek exciting! I can’t wait for some more Boya Dee music.

By Elizabeth Adetula

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