The End of the Masterclass, The Beginning of Mastery

The End of the Masterclass, The Beginning of Mastery

Here at London360, we are given a month of master classes on the fundamentals of being a news reporter before we begin making television specials; it was very clear from the first couple of weeks that it was going to be an intense and rewarding, steep learning curve. Not only have we been able to shoot and edit packages for organisations like RTS Futures but also we have been taught to navigate the complicated waters of media law. I’ve always loved being a student, my inquisitive nature has always loved analysing and taking in new information, being challenged or validated, note taking in pretty notebooks, the space to ask questions and the psychological comfort of knowing you are a beginner. But now the days of theorising are over, in the words of Jasmine Dotiwala,

‘You’ve had one month of master class now you’re making television.’

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For an over thinker like me who has struggled with perfectionism and cautiousness that has sometimes led to paralysis the translation from learning to doing has wrought some difficulties in the past. I’ve learnt the hard way that learning if not put into action becomes dormant and useless. Potential if not acted upon is just that- potential. Being able to quickly apply what we’ve learnt is a true test of how much we’ve really taken in. I love that being here at London360 is challenging (and succeeding) in getting me out of these futile habits. In a way we will never stop learning, we’ve just come out of the boardroom, from a pen in hand to the Sony NX5E. With some trials and hopefully small errors and with hard work make an interesting and dynamic programme. I’m excited and ready to start!


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