Since the very beginning London360 has engaged with a variety of media partners: The Huffington Post, London Live, BBC London Radio, Westside FM, The Voice newspaper and MTV The Wrap. These platforms, along with Community Channel have given London360 content a potential audience reach of nearly 13 million per month.

Each media partner provided an opportunity for the reporters to hone their skills in multi-platform journalism. This included creating: vlogs, blogs, and radio content.

Community Channel

ImageCommunity Channel has been broadcasting London360 since April 2011. With the help of The City Bridge Trust the channel have ensured the capital’s communities enjoy the full benefits of engaging with London360; giving voice to communities across London; engaging young people in inter-generational and inter-community reporting and story-telling; and putting London’s communities’ issues and stories firmly on the map through partnerships with mainstream media.

To date Community Channel and London360 have engaged over 500 hundred 18-25 year olds, training them in community journalism, giving them a voice and enabling them to tell the stories of our capital’s communities through a dedicated online space, regular television programmes and three flagship media partnerships in TV, radio and print.

At Community Channel we want you to pause for a moment and think about the world around you. We’re all about inspiring you to take action on the causes and issues that matter to you. Broadcasting original programmes that showcase the work of new directors and community filmmakers, as well as the very best of terrestrial TV, Community Channel is the place for real-life stories.

Community Channel is the only TV station totally dedicated to highlighting issues from both local and international communities as well as the voluntary and charitable sectors. Programmes like London360 showcase this perfectly.

The channel is broadcast 24/7 on Virgin 269, Sky 539 and Freesat 651. We’re also on Freeview 63. Community Channel is also available on BT Vision, BBC iPlayer, TVGuide and TVPlayer. You can also watch us on this website in our On Demand pages, and on our YouTube channel CommunityChannelTV.


The Huffington Post UK

Image1All London360 reporters are given the opportunity to pitch ideas to the blog team at The Huffington Post, with many of their blogs being published. These have covered a wide variety of topics such as: music therapy, stay-at-home dads and being blind in London. The process of writing blogs has encouraged the reporters to consider their own points of view towards issues that mattered to them. Through this, they have engaged with the skill of writing opinion pieces and how to reach out to the readers with their own thoughts and feelings.



London Live

Image2The reporters regularly produce vlogs for London Live’s online platform and provide feedback to the reporters on areas that could be improved on. London Live also resumed airing London360 as of July 2015, furthering the reach of the young people’s stories.

Vlogs created were distributed on London Live’s dedicated ‘London Eyes’ area of their website, with many vlogs from being broadcast on television. This demonstrates how London360 stories are able to gain extra recognition for the charities they cover, further promoting the valuable work that they do in their local communities.

“I never cease to be amazed by the young people who we support through this initiative, all with a passion for their local area and a desire to make a positive difference. With London Live’s acquisition of London360, the reporters are given another fantastic platform to have a voice and get their stories heard.” – Jasmine Dotiwala, Executive Producer, London360

The quality of work we’ve received from London360 reporters has been amazing, and has added real value to our live news and current affairs programming. Many of the reporters’ submitted packages have made it to air and given questions and content for our debate programmes. Having young voices telling the story of Londoners is exactly what London Live is about, and London36 0reporters have added value and quality to this vision.” – Amanda Hall, Digital Producer, London Live


BBC Radio London

Image3London360 have an ongoing partnership with BBC London and presenter Eddie Nester’s team. Eddie is an big ambassador for the series and regularly sets the teams briefs. Series 7 was given the task to research and collate information from local people about gentrification. This task enabled the reporters to tap into their local communities, and source individuals to be interviewed about their thoughts on regeneration projects in their area. They also took on the role as Field Producers, which gave them a taster of what responsibilities this role would undertake.

Series 8 were tasked with collating interviews with a wide variety of Londoners about immigration. The brief specifically required some of these interviews to give a range of opinions for and against immigration. This required the team to hone their research skills, and source a number of speakers to put out their views. They arranged interviews with a number of organisations and groups such as Migration Watch to the BNP in order to get a spectrum of viewpoints. The reporters also filmed the interviews and created a feature that was aired in London360. The process of gathering these interviews enabled the reporters to learn how to be impartial to the opinions of others and how to apply balance in a controversial debate.

”In Battersea, Hetty Ashiagbor arranged a really fabulous young man by the name of Hyall to take me round his local area and I got him to be the reporter. He was a really good find and was very easy to work with and knew all the best places to go. In Hackney, Hope Lanek and Ellie Holland found Monsur, a young man priced out of the housing market who had had to move away to Romford. He was really good. I suggested that to add to that we needed an estate agent to take us round an over-priced flat that would have sold for half the price a few years ago, and they found a very nice local estate agent.” – Anna Ford, BBC London Radio


Westside FM

Image4In recent years a partnership has developed with Westside FM. Westside is a youth-led community radio station based in Hanwell, west London. The London360 team were tasked with compiling a radio feature to air on Westside FM, which was specific to their audience. Station manager, Sone Palda, was invited to brief the reporters on the topics they would cover. A regular topic for the reporters was a series of features collectively titled: Hip Hop Life Lessons. Each one of these features addresses hip-hop in association to other topics such as: conscious rap, politics, masculinity, Shakespeare’s verse and prose, business, and religion.

Series 8 addressed a diverse range of other topics under the title My Generation that included: young people, the police, young entrepreneurs, homosexuality in hip-hop, porn verses reality, street style, and music therapy.

The reporters are invited into the studio to discuss their topic with the Westside radio presenter. This is a great opportunity for the reporters to gain live radio skills in presenting and being in a radio studio environment adds to their media experience. Both series also created TV features on the same themes. This enabled the reporters to understand how to convert the same story into different media platforms.

The London360 reporters have produced very professional and creative radio packages for Westside Radio. They have shown a real aptitude for radio and provided some great depth in production especially through their selection of interviewee’s. These packages have helped to highlight key issues among young people in a very creative way that has helped to engage the audience.” – Sone Palda, Station Manager


MTV The Wrap-Up

Due to the topical nature of the Westside FM features, MTV have further distributed the TV versions of the content via MTV’s website: The Wrap-Up. Through distribution on big brand platforms, help to boost viewings thus giving further exposure to the reporters’ stories, and the voices of the people who featured on them. The title of this series of stories was changed to Hip Hop Generation, in order to fit in the MTV brand.