Series Eleven


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London360: Series Eleven

  • London Undercover - Housing Special - Lifting the Lid on the London Housing Crisis
    London Undercover - Housing Special - Lifting the Lid on the London Housing Crisis
  • London Undercover - LGBT Special - Lifting the Lid on being LGBT+ in London
    London Undercover - LGBT Special - Lifting the Lid on being LGBT+ in London
  • London Undercover - Ageing Special - Lifting the Lid on Getting Old in London
    London Undercover - Ageing Special - Lifting the Lid on Getting Old in London



Ony grew up in West London, in the leafy suburb of Greenford. The influence of her African heritage, coupled with the multicultural vibrance in the capital stretched her vision of what life meant in different cultural contexts, and led to her deep-rooted interest in politics and international relations. More specifically, Ony is passionate about the redistribution of power and giving a voice to the voiceless. Ony is involved in several charitable causes that empower girls and women in developing countries and is an active member of Young Leaders UK; a group run by the US Embassy that fosters the special relationship between the UK & US.

She recently completed an LLM in Law at the University of Aberdeen and prior to this she studied BA Politics and Law at the University of Kent. She has had a strong affinity with the Media from a young age, as her father worked for Sky. One particular moment that stands out for her was on “Bring Your Child to Work Day” where she had the opportunity to sit on the Sky Sports News seat. She knew then and there that one day she wanted a similar role. Earlier this year Ony set up her own lifestyle blog called “Mishaps Madness and Magic Moments”.  Her most memorable moment in London was during the Olympics of 2012. She was lucky enough to attend an event and felt a great sense of pride in being able to call her self a Londoner. When she is not working she is most likely to be shoe shopping or cooking different world delicacies.


Fayida Jailler is a trilingual, multimedia journalist who has lived in three foreign countries and has a keen interest in international affairs.

Born in South London to a British mother and a Congolese father, seeking asylum in the UK, Fayida has always had an interest in foreign cultures and international affairs.

An avid language leaner, Fayida studied French and Spanish at university, specialising in translating and public service interpreting.

After graduating last summer, she interned with Unreported World and ITV News, before being fortunate enough to be granted a deferred place on the London 360 training scheme. She then went on to land an entry-level position in the media as a junior documentary researcher for AMOS Pictures.

A well-travelled individual, Fayida has lived and worked in Paris, Mexico and Colombia. In Colombia, where she travelled earlier this year, she worked as a guest writer for two regional newspapers, The Bogota Post and El Heraldo. Her articles were printed and circulated throughout Bogota and the Colombian Caribbean coast.

Now an in-house reporter for London 360 Fayida is striving to hone her skills, expand her horizons and launch her career as a multi-media journalist. Areas of particular interest include current affairs in Latin America and Francophone Africa, as well as women’s, LGBT and ethnic minority issues.

Most vivid memory in London: The 2011 riots. Fayida’s area (Elephant and Castle) was one of those affected by the riots, and she witnessed first-hand the looting and violence that followed in the wake of the death of Mark Duggan at police hands.


Carissa Jumu was born in Tottenham, North London to Ghanaian and Sierra Leonean parents. She relocated throughout her childhood within the United Kingdom and Ghana, which has contributed to her multicultural background. Her eagerness to get into for journalism came from her interest to have a voice for those unspoken for.

She graduated from the University of Northampton attaining a BA honours in Journalism and Politics. Carissa’s desire to break into the industry stemmed from her passion of political issues, social injustice, global affairs and social innovation. This is where she was able to be pro-active to issues that mattered to her, ranging from campaigns that explored young people and voting during the General Elections to having a local radio show at dedicated to international students at her university.

In addition, her love for the arts such as music has led her, to have a genuine interest in different genres.

She joined the team at London360 to develop her skills as a multi media journalist and work across digital, print press, radio and TV.

Memorable moment in London.

Standing in line for 7 hours to see Lauryn Hill. It was my first concert and I went by myself, however I got to meet her as she did her sound check.