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London360: Series Five

  • London360 S5E9 (Series Five Highlights)
    London360 S5E9 (Series Five Highlights)
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    London360 S5E8
  • London360 S5E7 (Social Media Special)
    London360 S5E7 (Social Media Special)
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    London360 S5E6
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    London360 S5E5
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    London360 S5E4
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    London 360 S5E3
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    London360 S5E2
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    London360 S5E1



Before joining the London360 team, Kirsty studied English at the University of Bristol, where she spent more time transcoding video files than translating Chaucer. A passion for the arts led her to present a film review show on Burst Radio for three years, an experience which confirmed her suspicion that she liked to be heard.

Soon she was keen to have a go at television, but finding limited opportunities she created her own and, along with a friend, set up UBTV, an online student television station. Highly driven and focused, she led this impressive project as it grew into a multi award-winning operation, with their footage used by several national outlets from CBBC to the Daily Mail Online.

Name an activity and she’s probably filmed someone doing it – running up walls, singing from rooftops and playing sports she doesn’t fully understand. After co-ordinating the production of 180 videos with UBTV, the young producer has developed strong technical and storytelling skills and is keen to utilise these abilities to tell the stories of Londoners.

Kirsty’s strong interest in the arts, the outdoors and gender politics is reflected in the features she has pitched and produced whilst at London360. Equally comfortable handling sensitive issues and entertainment stories, Kirsty has produced successful features on domestic violence and bone marrow donation, as well as lighter topics, including the freemasons and fringe theatres.

Kirsty’s 140 character musings on feminism, television and failed craft projects can be found on @KirstyMorrissey.


Danielle Osman is a reporter for Community Channel’s London360, a fortnightly TV magazine news show on Sky Channel 539, Virgin TV Channel 223 and Freeview Channel 87. The show champions London’s hidden communities and Londoner’s personal stories.

With a strong interest in community projects and engagement, politics graduate Danielle has been involved with local and international campaigns such as Labour Behind The Label and Save Lewisham Hospital.

Prior to joining London360, Danielle worked as a Communications Assistant at Turning Point, a national substance abuse charity, where she helped to increase awareness of local services for those in the Westminster area affected by substance abuse issues. She continues to support the work that they do.

Healthy baking and travel enthusiastic, Danielle can also be found in 140 characters via her twitter account @danielle_osman.


22-year-old Iram Sarwar is a born and bred east Londoner with an appetite for telling the stories that no one else does.

Before joining the London360 team, Iram studied History at King’s College London. It was whilst she was at university Iram pursued her passion for journalism by sinking her teeth into youth media at Live Magazine, where she took on the role of Features Editor and eventually went on to become Deputy Editor.

Iram has also worked as a young reporter for the International Olympic Committee during last summer’s Olympic Games. Here she experienced the crazy and fierce world of journalism and created news stories for the official Olympic website. She often found herself in press rooms battling the world’s leading journalists for a chance to question sports stars, and yes, she did ask Usain Bolt whether he’d consider a career as a bobsledder.

Iram’s main interests lie in politics, current and foreign affairs, where she has a particular interest in global development.

Iram can be found in 140 characters via her twitter account @iram_sapwap.


Fezaan ‘Fez’ Sayed. 25 years young. Film & Television graduate. Brunel University.

Fez is a creative guy who could have been anything he wanted. A butcher. Perhaps a baker. Maybe even some kind of candle stick maker. But he chose the media and is currently dipping his feet into the journalism pool as a news reporter for London360. He’s someone who wants to challenge stereotypes, encourage change through reporting and begin the creation of communal harmony. He is a popular and well liked volunteer at Sue Ryder Charity where he gives back to his community. Now it’s his turn to give them a voice.

Fez’s interest in anything remotely journalistic came from a stint at NOW Magazine, where he was an editorial assistant working in a busy newsroom but also going out and about, vox popping women in the street regarding their weight and diet. This role nurtured his drive to expose the so called truth, become inquisitive and get to the bottom of things. He’s since written various online blogs from censorship and sexual content in the public eye to how we treat our neighbours. He’s broadened his horizons further by spending the last year in the world of broadcast journalism working for Venus TV as a broadcast assistant, aiding and abetting the smooth running of live shows.

With American cinema and rock n roll amongst his repertoire of interests, inspiration isn’t an anomaly for Fez. As a talented guitarist, composer and songwriter his ability to musically express himself translates into his passion for fighting for social justice via reporting and giving unheard the voices the chance to speak up. He is fan of racquet sports having competed in junior tennis tournaments around the city, winning medals and trophies along the way with his winner’s mentality. He also has a certified NVQ Level 2 in Spectator Safety and used this to good effect as a Last Mile Steward at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

One can only emphFEZsise that this young man’s ambition will take him to the top wherever he decides to go and that his determination, like a wrecking ball, will destroy any barriers that attempt to come his way. If you were to ask him what was coming to him and what he’d like to change, he’d coolly put on his aviators; adjust his waistcoat and say – ‘The world…and everything in it’.

Follow me on Twitter – @FezSayed


“News has changed, new access has been gained but the conventional narrative remains” according to Marvin at least, the tenacious young journalist who’s embarked on a career to change things.

Having graduated from Roehampton University in the summer of 2012 attaining a BA’s Honors in Journalism and Creative Writing his initial goal of breaking into the field of sports journalism shifted when he travelled to South Africa to cover the African Cup of Nations independently.

“The world has enough sports blogs and even more football ones but few that tell the many compelling stories it gives birth to”

A realisation which derived from a spot of ingenuity coupled by a lack of access,

“Instead of lurking around hotel lobbies in the chance that I’d get to interview a footballer, I discovered that there were more powerful stories around me.
At one game I would be sitting amongst Malians, who had escaped their country’s civil war and believed that victory would bring the violence to a halt. On other occasions I’d be in with South Africa’s poorest kids, who’d snuck in to study the men they hoped to emulate to get their families out of poverty.
Why not simply tell the story of the tournament through their eyes.”

His interests do however extend beyond the realms of sports, as he explains his love for investigative journalism,

“It’s the craft at its finest. The essence of what journalism meant and should continue to mean. Whether that be unveiling corruption at the highest level or catapulting an audience into a new world, life changing or entertaining, Louie Theroux to Sorious Samura, I love it.

An interest in the affairs of others cultivates itself in a desire to also actively make a difference, and his role at the Sierra Leone Underprivileged Foundation, since the charity’s inception in 2010 has been the platform he’s used to do so.

“After visiting the nation and seeing the effects of its decade long civil war you immediately feel compelled to do something. The charity has targeted building a school and orphanage by 2016 a tangible goal that keeps things in perspective for me”

And what does he envisage will come from his stint at London360

“The organisation’s mantra is giving a voice to the unheard, a group which I feel intrinsically linked to. I finally feel that I’ve got a foot in the door here, six months from now expect the other to follow, kicking it off its hinges”

We eagerly await…. a distance from the door of course.