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London360: Series Nine

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Filming mock news reports from the age of 12, in front of a makeshift green screen, proved a clear sign that Fred wanted to become a presenter/reporter.

Since then, he has been eager to participate and create content to share with others. As a child, he constantly called up radio & TV stations, asking if they needed an extra hand presenting or filming, forgetting he was still a kid…

He developed fascination with people and societies, and this drove him into spending a lot of time travelling around different parts of the world, meeting with an eclectic mix of people and volunteering for various charities, allowing him to see and hear other ways of life.

This social fascination drove him into reading Psychology at Oxford Brookes University, where he was able to learn about how the human mind operates, and apply it to real world situations and stories he has witnessed along the way.

During his time at University, he was part of the team that launched the student radio, helping others to produce their shows as well as producing and presenting his own show which was a mix of interviews, local & entertainment news, competitions and new music.

After getting a taste of radio, Fred’s burning passion for music took over, and this lead him to gain experience at Beggars Group record label in New York, before going on to intern full time at Tap Management, a music management company based in Old Street.

Here he was offered a job as day-to-day manager of a popular electronic duo, as well as PA to the director, using these roles to get a full overview of the industry and how a business is run.

After 6 months, Fred decided that he wanted to pursue his dream of presenting and reporting and decided to drop everything and go for it. This is how he came to find London360, an amazing opportunity that he still can’t believe he is a part of.

On the weekend you can find him fangirling over a new movie, playing football, at a gig or cooking a roast (always in that order…occasionally at the same time).



Ikran has just graduated with a BA in journalism from Brunel University. From an early age, she always knew she wanted to do something media related and pursued that passion by creating video clips and writing for the school newspaper.

She firmly believes in giving back to the community, and from time to time has organised fundraising events ranging from bake sales to dinners for multiple charities such as Unicef and Islamic Relief. Ikran has also been a peer mentor for the charities Beat bullying and Talksafe.

Ikran took one step closer to her journalism career by creating her own blog to post her own content. Outside of writing, she also has a passion for photography and worked as a freelance commercial and wedding photographer during her time at university.

Ikran is passionate about national and international issues. She covered the Eric Garner protest that took place in Westfield White City for Live Mag, and one of her photographs was used for a police distrust campaign.

In her spare time, Ikran works on an online magazine called ‘Strong young thing’ ( Which she has cofounded in order to create a more ‘inclusive’ and empowering platform for young women.


Rishi Persaud’s inception into the world of journalism has been a swift affair. Hailing from North-West London, a strong interest in current affairs yielded an undergraduate degree in politics at the University of Lincoln in the summer of 2013.
His enthusiasm towards human rights and sociological issues continued to develop, as did his ambition to amplify his views and perspective on a variety of matters. He thus saw the media as a natural progression in his career path and undertook a masters in journalism in the autumn of the same year where he learnt invaluable print, radio & broadcast skills whilst also undertaking an internship with FourFourTwo magazine along the way.
Having graduated from his masters in January of 2015, Rishi joined Media Trust as a news reporter for the London360 team and is thrilled to have the opportunity to do so.

Outside of politics & current affairs, Rishi has many avenues of interests he likes to pursue. Sport plays a key part in his day-to-day life, with an emphasis on rugby, tennis, cricket and in particular avowed writing to all things football and Chelsea.

Travel and culture are a strong appeal to Rishi, who as someone with a cosmopolitan background can appreciate the beauty of how people differentiate from both country and border, this naturally compatible with Rishi’s optimism of one day becoming a polyglot.

Rishi’s fondness for photography allows him to express the more artistic aspect of his personality, an interest that developed after studying photography during his A-Levels.

Inevitably, media and broadcast are significant influences both professionally and in his personal life. Being able to film, cut a package and see it broadcast is rewarding, with a real sense of autonomy to be gained, something Rishi aspires to fulfil in a career as a multimedia journalist.

His determined drive for breaking into the media industry means Rishi will continue to measure success through hard-work and resolve, but relish the experiences and smiles along the way.


Farhat is a lover of all things debatable.

She is a perfectionist and has had a passion for journalism from a young age. Sitting in front of her TV, she was certain that all the glossy people who managed to get inside it and memorise all those words were geniuses, and it was a dream of hers, to one day make it on the other side.

She started work experience at the age of 14, and since then, her most notable work includes; working alongside Battersea Arts Centre as a Young Producer on the Hourglass Festival, as well as Presenting and Producing her own news bulletin on a press broadcasting channel, Vox Africa.

Farhat believes that with practice, dedication and hard work, one can achieve their dreams. However, it’s a big world out there and working with London360 will give Farhat the platform andstart that she needs to take her career further and open bigger opportunities to her.

Throughout her life she has faced many challenges and believes, that media can be the bridge to give communities and individuals a chance to have their voice heard. She hopes through her presenting, producing, vlogging, print press and even editing her own Television and Radio features she can do exactly that.

If you want to get in touch with Farhat you can find her at:

Twitter: Farhat_saede
Instagram: Simplyfarhat


Jordaan was born and raised in central London, the hub of media and diversity.

Having been involved in music and performance from a young age, she found her love for the arts and all things entertainment almost immediately. At school she was very much encouraged to develop her passion for acting as well as her love for English literature, which lead her to complete a degree in English and Drama from Queen Mary University of London. It was here that her creative skills flourished and where her interest in verbatim theatre and the importance of the spoken word became apparent.

After graduating, Jordaan went on to complete several intensive acting programmes at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and The Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

During this time she realised the importance of the ensemble, and the value in working as a collective with people from different cultures and backgrounds, whilst also developing her passion for story telling.

Having undergone extensive internships in television and the entertainment industry, from the first crowdfunding TV channel to BBC’s Children In Need, she was able to recognise how important it was to use her voice to tell a story and make an impact.

These experiences reaffirmed her love for working in media and reignited her desire to work in broadcast journalism. As well as being a huge lover of films, Jordaan is an avid theatre-goer, and loves everything from Shakespeare right up to new undiscovered playwrights. Having grown up as an avid watcher of MTV she is a lover of all things pop/youth culture.

Jordaan is hugely excited to be working as a news reporter for London360 and hopes to develop her skills in broadcast journalism. As a Londoner she is proud to be working on a London based show that champions local stories and hidden communities. She hopes to use this platform to learn as much as possible and to be a voice for other’s who would previously have gone unheard.

Twitter- @jordaanshelley


Outgoing, proactive and personable are three words that Suna would use to describe herself.

A recent MSCi graduate from the University of Birmingham, she chose to study Human Geography because she enjoys learning about people from different backgrounds and cultures.

Everything Suna has learnt to date about the media industry has come from opportunities that she sourced and contacts that she made. She joined student media group Guild TV in her first year of university. Initially working as a runner and camera operator, she later tried her hand as a presenter, producer and director for live and pre-recorded shows.

In her final year, she worked as a Film & Digital Projects Assistant for the University’s award-winning Careers Services. Filming, editing and subtitling video content, including interviews with entrepreneurs and charity representatives, made her realise that telling stories on screen is something she would like to pursue in her career.

Her passion and initiative secured her work experience on established BBC programmes, including topical discussion series The Big Questions and news programme BBC Midlands Today. She was selected into ITV’s Insight Pool, which grants priority access to placements, for showing a proven interest in working in TV broadcasting. However it was gaining a place on The Network, a prestigious TV talent scheme run by The Guardian Edinburgh International Television Festival, that really opened her eyes to how the industry operates.

Following her London360 reporter traineeship, she hopes to use the multi-media skills she has developed to become a broadcast journalist, from writing blogs to producing videos. Combining her love for finding and sharing unique and personal stories, Suna aspires to work in news broadcasting or factual documentaries.

Twitter: @sunathanlater
LinkedIn | YouTube | Audioboom: Suna Yokes

Which 3 people, dead or alive, would you invite to your ultimate dinner party?
Amy Winehouse for the magical jazz voice, John Cleese for the unmatchable presence and Rhod Gilbert for the jokes.

What do you think is London’s best kept secret?
Definitely the River Thames cruises. Few people know that you can buy boat tickets, which run between Greenwich and Westminster, for around £5 with an Oyster card! Travelling around London in style doesn’t have to cost a bomb.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Doing sport always re-energises me, particularly volleyball. I used to do athletics and tennis but still go to watch major competitions, including Wimbledon and the Anniversary Games. I also enjoy going to live comedy gigs, particularly at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and hope to pluck up the courage to give stand-up a go one day!

If you could have anyone’s job in the media world, would you choose?
Stacey Dooley’s. As an investigative journalist, she gets to uncover a range of issues, from domestic violence to child labour issues, travelling to countries across the world.