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Annabelle Afful’s background lies in Media arts with film and television and has been pursuing this passion by maintaining a credible portfolio. She has been involved in various projects such as the Redtop Magazine and Catch 22 magazine as a writer and junior designer and has been a supportive film crew member at the Roundhouse studios and Worldwrite filming various events from protests, interviews, theatre performances and promenade’s. She also involved in playwriting, her play Death becomes you was performed at Roundhouse Studios. Annabelle has recently worked with the National theatre and Roundhouse studios producing and directing a short film for the Fela Musical.

Couldn’t live without: Judge Judy, spotify

Couldn’t live with: Taxes, Brussels sprouts and ignorant people

What London means to me: is overcrowed tubes and buses, skinny jeans, unusual weather and Boris Johnson


With a magnetic and infectious personality, Stephanie E Coker is an ambitious go getter, whose drive and determination has enabled her to secure a place reporting at the community channel. Whilst studying Communications and Media at Brunel University, Stephanie undertook various internships with companies including, MTV, Channel Four and Media Moguls PR. In summer 2010, she worked in New York, as a presenter and news editor at a well-respected television corporation in Nigeria.

Growing up in one of London’s multicultural boroughs, Stephanie developed an interest in the African community which led to her producing and presenting a documentary, that has since been commissioned on OHTV, Sky channel 199.

In 2010, Stephanie won the MTV find my Freederm Presenter competition, in which she featured in a television advert that was broadcasted on a number of digital stations.

Fond of entering presenter competitions she recently entered the T4 online reporter completion in which she has been shortlisted. Check out her audition video

Since then, Stephanie has started her own online magazine show in which she co-hosts. The show aims to bridge the gap between Africa and the European entertainment industry. She also has a great interest in creative development especially factual entertainment and documentaries similar to those produced by journalist Louis Theroux.

Apart from chasing her dreams Stephanie enjoys being in the company of friends and family. She describes her household as cast members in which she is the lead actress(In her dreams I guess).

Couldn’t live without:
The Holy Bible (I need help getting up at 6am)
Blackberry (also known as my second half, I never leave my house without her)
Passport. (It’s like my Esc key)
Google (my answer to almost everyone question)
Eastenders (Where I got my cockney accent from* covers face*)

Couldn’t live with: Keep Foxes away from me and were good.

What London means to Stephanie
A place where people from different walk’s of life can call home.

Catch Stephanie Online @ Youtube/TheJistTV
Twitter @stephanie_coker


Twitter: @siconstantine1

Simon was born in the small town of Croydon. His passion lies in filmmaking and the arts, a dream which he has been pursuing since the age of 14. Before becoming a reporter/cameraman for the Media Trust, Simon obtained his BA and MA degrees at Leeds and Bristol University, where he majored in film, photography and television. These degrees allowed him to assimilate both theoretical and practical knowledge, contributing to his impressive portfolio which includes filming live events, producing documentaries and directing short films.

His personal accolades are still from his experience as a runner for Working Title Films. It was here where he met the ‘legend’ Rowan Atkinson and partied with the likes of Bill Nighy.

In his spare time Simon writes film scripts with consistent delusion that they will eventually get made. He also volunteer’s at his local hospital where he co presents the ‘Afternoon Delight’ show for Radio St Helier.

Couldn’t live without: Films, Music, Manchester United, LBC 97.3, TGI Fridays, my dogs Pepsi and Max,

Couldn’t live with: Judging a book by its cover, Eggs of any kind

What London means to me: London to me is a stewing pot, a multi-layered cake, a beautiful arrangement of your favourite chocolates. It’s a concoction which includes; the glitz and glam, politics, diversity, the working classes, the middle classes, the chicken tikka masala, the singapore noodles, the red, white, blue, urban music, prestigious orchestras, freedom of speech and justice for all.


Sai Kumar is a graduate with an MA in Media Production and an interest in documentary filmmaking. His passions for digital media, photography and activism led to his recent coverage of the London protests for an independent charity. As an avid researcher and photojournalist he is a stickler for detail and has an eye for angles.

He is an adrenaline-junkie who loves nothing more than reporting from the frontline of a conflict and hopes to be a war photographer one day. You can view his portfolio on

Captivated by London’s charm, he wants to portray the essence of the capital through the lens.

Couldn’t live without: Chocolate milk, humour and a long hot shower.

Couldn’t live with: Know-it-alls and inconsiderate people.

What London means to me: A treasure trove of history. It would take a lifetime to explore every bit of this city. What could be more relaxing than strolling by the Thames on a lazy sunny day with a pen and a journal?


Krystina has worked across documentary and news production for the past few years and has an MA in television journalism. She has produced her own films on issues such as the rising influence of the glamour model, and political education in British schools. She has worked undercover investigating issues of racism, ageism and inappropriate sexual behavior, and is a fearless journalist.
She has additionally interviewed the likes of transvestites, peers of the House Of Lords, sex workers and Hell’s Angels. She has had stories broadcast on BBC One for Watchdog and has also worked with Dispatches and Cutting Edge for Channel Four. She is particularly interested in woman’s rights issues and youth culture and education.

Couldn’t live without: Woman’s rights, real butter on toast, salted popcorn, heated hair stylers, lip balm, British documentaries, new clothes, an Oyster card, eight hours sleep.

Couldn’t live with: champagne socialists, holey socks, arrogance, sexism, porn, Saturday night game shows, spots that need squeezing, tuna, ignorance, Kerry Katona, Bob Crow.

What London means to me: falling asleep to the rhythm of the tube, chatting to drunken strangers on the night bus, picnics in suburban parks, avoiding tourists in Oxford Street, choosing menus in China town, stilettos jamming in the cracks of Covent garden’s cobbles, accepting fashion as one hundred percent subjective, telling a cabbie your life story, packing sunscreen and an umbrella, feeling your jaw drop at the price of a shot, discovering something new in every visit to The Natural History museum, chatter in a hundred languages, and contemplating naming your first child after the Bakerloo line.

Do be a dear and follow me on Twitter: Krystina_MarieM


Fozia graduated from King’s College London in 2008 with a degree in English and it was here that her interest in media first came to light. She became actively involved in the University of London student newspaper, London Student, as a regular contributor covering music, food and travel features.

Upon graduating, Fozia worked as a Research Assistant for Food and Travel Magazine, winners of ‘Publisher of the Year’ PPA Magazines 2008. Fozia has continued her love for writing with Redtop, the Roundhouse’s free youth- targeted online magazine as a regular features contributor. She has also worked within the community on youth projects such as the Millennium Volunteers scheme. As a London News Reporter with Media Trust, Fozia is able to draw upon her interests in community and news, taking her a step closer to forging a career in the media industry.

Couldn’t live without: family, friends, rice, football and my Mac!

Couldn’t live with: Justin Beiber, Rebecca Black and any other members of the ‘Peter Pan’ factory.

What London means to me: In my London, my local MP is Pakistani, the owners of my favourite café are Italian, my local chip shop owner is Turkish and my neighbour is Filipino. Only in this city do we get such a myriad of cultures that breathe life, colour and soul into the London we know today.

Keep up with Fozia’s London trails at


Twitter: @FunmiOlutoye

Funmi read English at University of Birmingham and graduated with a 2.1 in 2010. It was here that her fierce ambition and hunger for news grew and lead her to complete an NCTJ in Multimedia Journalism. This appetite reached its peak when she worked as a journalist in several media organisations such as South London Press, Birmingham Mail, Catch 22 Magazine, Pride Magazine, Croydon Guardian and The Voice Newspaper where she covered major stories like the sentencing of ‘Night Stalker’ Delroy Grant.

Funmi currently works as a freelance journalist for Random Report TV where she researches, writes scripts and presents documentaries. Her proudest achievement is producing and presenting her own documentary on the relationship between women’s hair extensions and their self-esteem.

Funmi’s interests are wide and varied, ranging from History and UK Politics to Beauty, Celebrities and Entertainment. She hopes to combine her interests and her nose for news to maximise her work as a London News reporter. Her strengths lie in Presenting, Writing, Researching and Social Media.

Things she couldn’t live without: Google News, Eastenders, The Big Questions, The Only Way is Essex, The Apprentice, The Andrew Marr Show, British films, Chocolate, her kitten, 100wpm Shorthand, Music, Debating, Holidays, Internet, Ambition and the Bible.

Things she couldn’t live with: Arrogant, ignorant or rude people, prawns, worms and spiders.

What London means to Funmi: Vibrant, exciting, colourful, rapidly developing, full of opportunities and knowing Transport for London Map back to front.


Maleena began her love affair with broadcasting against the less romantic backdrop of community radio, producing and presenting her own magazine-style music show. Although a humble beginning, it taught her the patience, tenacity and professionalism she now prides herself on. Wanting to not be ‘just a radio voice’ she has presented interviews and features for online blogs and has had to work hard at chiseling out a media career for herself. Music, politics and activism are usually at the fore of most of her conversations and as a blogger for Ctrl.Alt.Shift, she was able to find her voice as dynamic writer, marrying up her passion for all three. Having also worked previously as a PR, an international youth volunteer and call-centre operator, she has come up against quite a few hurdles when it comes to challenging people’s perceptions and is thrilled to have finally found her calling as a London Community News reporter. She feels that there are never enough questions to ask the world, and agrees whole-heartedly with Lois Lane: “There’s far too much injustice around us to be ignored any longer.”

Couldn’t live without: Homegrown music, chocolate raisins and a good read

Couldn’t live with: Narrow mindedness, untidy people or Jedward

What London means to me: The diversity and colour of London is what attracted me to it in the first place and still holds my gaze. I love the fact that I can indulge all my passions in the same city and never get bored. Plus, London has validated my driving skills cause if you can conquer these roads – you can drive anywhere.

Follow my rants here:


Holly Powell-Jones studied Drama at Royal Holloway University of London and has never lost interest in fascinating characters, emotional moments and gripping storylines.

Through involvement with local radio station 96.4 Eagle Radio, she gained experience in writing, presenting and production, creating online and broadcast content for them. To this day she is a bit of a radio-geek and loves getting lost in a good BBC R4 radio play.

Her other great passion is community projects and she has volunteered as everything from drama teacher to mural designer to support worker. She has also been very involved with the youth-volunteering organisation ‘V’ and has worked as their official TV interviewer/presenter at London events.

She is delighted to be on the team of London 360 Reporters for Media Trust’s Community Channel, as this allows her to combine her passion for media and volunteering.

Couldn’t live with… False nails, inherited opinions and anyone who folded their underwear or alphabetized their DVD collection.

Couldn’t live without…. Comedians, her sister’s chocolate brownies, costume dramas and free phone calls to my ‘magic numbers’.

What London means to me… Being constantly surprised.