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London360: Series Six

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A film critic, opinionated and ambitious with a laid back nature, Jide Amao’s passion for media grew since he was 14. His creativity and his determination to learn everything about the media lead him to focus on what it takes to become successful in the industry. Dedicated to writing down his ideas and improving them over the years, he believes even the smallest idea makes a big difference, and making a difference is something he wants to do.

Jide set his sights on establishing himself as a news reporter, and despite being told about the difficult path ahead of him, he was determined to take the first step. He later learned that experience is invaluable, so he set out on a mission to gain as much of it as possible.

After discovering London 360, he wanted to be a part of the team of reporters. He was fascinated at how the reporters used their creative flair and teamwork to produce articles and features that contributed to telling the stories of communities and individuals that not many people hear about especially concerning youth development and social engagement.

Having graduated with a BA Hons in Broadcast Journalism from the University of West London in 2013, he was equipped with the principles of journalism and gained more insight and experience into the reporting world. He was more than ready to help broadcast the opinions of young adults in the capital through attending meetings and networking events, as well as sharing his opinions in debates about whatever he feels is important on any platform he can, mostly on Twitter.

Now a London 360 News Reporter, Jide is committed to empowering the overlooked communities by providing multiple platforms for them to confidently step forward and share their opinion, something he believes everyone is entitled to, no matter who the person is or where the person comes from.

Follow him on Twitter @JideAmao


If you’ve got that indecisive friend that has big dreams, then you’d already know a lot about London 360’s Alex Garlitos and how it makes for an interesting energy!

Growing up in White City, he was never able to give you a clear idea of what his ambition was – if you could even get his shy character to answer! So in 2014, how on earth did Alex end up becoming a News Reporter for Community Channel’s London 360?

He graduated from Goldsmiths College with a degree in Media and Communications, creating documentaries about celebrity lookalikes and young creatives in London. While finishing his degree, he started to work with youth-led Reprezent Radio 107.3FM as a Broadcast Assistant, where he was introduced to the live broadcasting world. He slowly worked his way up to present some shows under his alter-ego “A-Bomb”. Through Reprezent, he developed his love for the UK urban music scene, reporting from festivals and helping to source upcoming artists through features and interviews.

He also became a Communications Assistant with youth-led coalition One Big Community. He worked on their social media and led the Communications Team during the #OneBigDebate which trended across the UK. He has been passionate about solving youth violence issues and positive media representation of the youth of today, which has fired his drive to work with these organisations.

As someone that seems to have dipped their toe into such different areas of the media industry, Alex now aims to combine all those skills to tackle the news to actively get to the heart of current issues and stories. Whether it’s a pole dancing session or going to a crazy cat cafe, he is not afraid to get stuck in to report the quirkiest and most under represented communities of London to make sure that their voices are heard.

Follow his Twitter: @AlexGarlitos


Nicholas Krause is a producer and reporter for London 360 which is shown on the Community Channel and London Live.

Before joining London 360 Nick graduated from the University of Liverpool with a BA in Politics. Since then he has written for Interact Magazine, a dynamic magazine about London aimed at graduates. He also has a personal blog on Word Press that mainly focuses on politics in local areas and communities, although he sometimes delves into film and international issues.

Nick is a hopeful (if not ultimately disappointed) Liverpool fan and a glory hunting Barcelona one. He is a general sports enthusiast with a keen interest in cricket.

Nick is interested in local community issues that he believes are not covered enough by the mainstream media. One of his aspirations is to get these stories across using every possible form of media and helping those who do not have a voice to find one. Nick wants to keep these fundamental factors evident in a future career in journalism and the media.

His twitter account is @nickkrause01.


Pete Lines is a journalist working as a reporter and producer for the community channel. He has always followed his passions; he studied Classical Civilisations at the University of Kent in Canterbury due to a love of ancient history and culture. His further interests include gaming, technology, literature, television and cinema, especially of the science fiction and fantasy genres. He enjoys exploring these passions through his multimedia work.

When not working he maintains his own personal blog at which explores and critiques gaming, technology and escapism. He is also exploring his creative writing by working on his novel.

You can pick his brain on twitter @lines_pete or e-mail him at


Aaron Page was drawn to the world of media ever since a 4 year old crush on BBC news anchor Moira Stewart. This led to him developing a fascination with the people that could unite the country every evening.

What followed was a stint as a critically lauded class clown, which later led to him turning his hand to blogging and later presenting.
He has stirred up lively debate in presenting, editing and blogging for sites such as Link Up TV, Hit the Floor, Fabafriq and London 360. He is always on hand with his brand of acerbic humor and fierce sense of right and wrong to the team