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London360: Series Ten

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phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpgLAPE BANJO

Lape was born in Lagos, Nigeria, but came to London at the tender age of 2 and has lived in London since.

Coming from a family of lawyers, she was always surrounded by debates and political opinions. After undertaking her undergraduate degree in politics she went on to pursue a postgraduate degree from the University of Birmingham.

Lape’s love for documentaries inspired her to make her own documentary in 2015, which explored the rising entrepreneurship in Nigeria, juxtaposing older and established entrepreneurs, with new and younger repatriate British Nigerian entrepreneurs.

Lape has a passion for Africa, culture and politics; she has previously worked at several media and political organisations. These range from: Lagos Television, The Economic Community of West African States, Multi Choice Africa and UNICEF. Her work history also includes established UK media organisations such as: production at Sky News, BBC and documentary production at Wall to Wall media.

London360 has given Lape the opportunity to maximise her potential, fulfil her dreams of reporting the news and being an African foreign correspondent.

She loves all things television, ranging from factual to reality. She is also an avid EastEnders fan. Her strengths lie in speaking, presenting, researching and writing.

Secret little gem in London: Thames Barrier Park in North Woolwich. For Lape, this park has not only an amazing view and ambience but also resembles the rolling hills in South Africa.

Hidden fact about Lape: she is a lover of instruments and after getting bored of learning the piano, she learnt to play the drums and has played ever since. She is also the only female drummer in her church.

phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpg-2LAURELLE CAMPBELL

Ladbroke Grove, London, is not only host to the iconic Notting Hill Carnival; it’s also the home of Laurelle Campbell. While others may run for cover, Laurelle looks on to rolling clouds and clapping thunder in awe; a clue to her love of weather and a childhood desire to be a weather girl.

As well as science, her interests include: music, reading and watching movies. Her musical interests led her to play the flute, steel pans and even sing in a choir at the Barbican. Her appetite for different food and musical rhythms drives her to visit different parts of the world.

Wanting to pursue a career as a broadcast meteorologist, she studied Meteorology at Reading University. After graduating she worked at Reward Gateway as a manager for the Helpdesk, before assisting to migrate the service to Bulgaria.

Since leaving, her focus has been to establish her meteorological career and in 2015 she published her first weather themed blog. You can read this on

Laurelle believes London360 will provide her with skills and the necessary tools to understanding the requirements and demands of the dynamic world of media.

Secret little gem in London: Laurelle’s secret gem is not a fixed location, it’s an event. Every month there is a 90s Karaoke hosted by Hotsince ’91 with all the classic Hip Hop and R’n’B hits from the time and classic Nintendo games – the perfect place for someone from the 90s.

Hidden fact about Laurelle: she is fascinated with the concept of parallel universes and other dimensions. Films and TV shows about this leave her thinking for days on end.

Follow Laurelle on Twitter: @Laurelle_Bell

phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpg-3RANEL FELIX

Ranel was born and raised in Harlesden, London. He developed a passion for reading history books and travelling from a young age. He never thought that he could blend the two but journalism sure comes close.

After completing his International Relations degree, he moved to Japan to study Japanese language. During his time there, he produced a short documentary on homelessness in Osaka and then returned to London to make another on the housing crisis.

After completing the Media Trust Multi Media Genius Training, he became hooked on media and eagerly applied to become a London360 reporter.

Ranel loves stories on internet security, Asian politics and history. So if you love Edward Snowden and Japan follow him on Twitter: @Ranelsfelix.

Secret place inside London: not exactly a secret but known only to the cool kids. The Japan Centre is an amazing place to go and try something really different. You can get sushi and fresh Japanese ramen as well as pick up some beautiful crafted bowls – a place not to be missed.

Fact about Ranel: he loves martial arts and has trained in BJJ (Brazilian Ju Jitsu), Karate, Muay Thai, Wrestling and mixed martial arts. Yet, still more of a lover than a fighter.

phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpg-5SAVAN GANDECHA

Savan Gandecha is a Journalist and Radio Broadcaster from the village of Pinner in Northwest London.

His love of geography, nature and wildlife documentaries led him to study Environmental Management at university. During an internship with the London Wildlife Trust he developed a passion for blogging and photography.

His appetite for journalism came from doing radio shows at university and hospital radio. Former BBC Radio 1 Producer Aled Haydn Jones also encouraged him to pursue a career in the industry. He also enjoyed interviewing unsigned artists and BBC Radio 1 Presenter Huw Stephens for Roundhouse Radio. This opened an opportunity to be a Journalist for the youth led online platform called; where his most memorable interview was with London based YouTuber, Thomas “TomSka” Ridgewell.

He joined the team at London360 to develop his skills as a multi media journalist and work across digital, print press, radio and TV. He also wants to show London as a place that not only supports technology but cares for the environment too.

Secret Little Gem in London: there is one secret little gem Savan loves to visit throughout the year. The place is called Camley Street Natural Park and is situated between St. Pancras and King’s Cross. He finds the nature reserve to be an oasis in an urban jungle where he watches the wildlife and chill by the Regent’s Canal.

Hidden Fact About Savan: he has collection of Doctor Who memorabilia including a Tardis, two Sonic Screwdrivers, a Tenth Doctor vinyl figurine and the Tenth Doctor’s Converse Trainers which he wears all the time. The character also has had an impact on his life by showing that nothing is impossible and to stand tall.

How to contact Savan:

Twitter: @SavanGandecha

phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpg-6DARYL HAMMOND

A sports journalism graduate, Daryl has always known that the world of media would be his destination of choice.

Daryl’s desire to break into the industry has seen him produce content for BBC (SPOTY), ITV Calendar (covering sport and the General Election), British Athletics (interviewing athletes), The Press Association (writing news and features) and Yorkshire Country Cricket Club (video journalist).

He is now looking for a challenge with London360, and is keen to cover his own patch having grown up in Croydon, south London.

Daryl is most at home out of the house, attending events and talking to anyone with a story to tell. He has interviewed a range of people from gold medal-winning athletes, to politicians and your average Joe on the street.

As an avid sports fan, tech junkie, hip hop head and growing politics enthusiast, Daryl is hoping to bring stories of his interest to light, as well as broaden his horizons with London360.

Secret little gem in London: on the field near the defunct Croydon Airport, there is a fantastic view of Central London, including Wembley Stadium. Perfect for a summer’s evening.

Hidden fact about Daryl: he has an interest in constructed languages and knows bubble language, Pig Latin and Alienese (Futurama). He also speaks some French and Spanish to varying degrees.

Check me out at @DarylBHammond

phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpg-4YASMINE TANWIDJAJA-PAJARES

Yasmine Tanwidjaja-Pajares was born in London to Spanish and Indonesian parents and is multi-lingual. She has travelled extensively and spent some of her childhood living in different countries, from Germany to Thailand, until returning to London when she was six. Blending in with different cultures from a very early age, she is fortunate to speak German and Spanish fluently, and French at an advanced level.

During her studies at King’s College London, she followed her passion in the entertainment industry and undertook internships in the marketing and communication department of TV & film companies in London, Munich and Los Angeles.

Whilst studying she also felt she needed to know about communities living in poverty and travelled to Africa as an Orphanage Assistant and to India to support the local Tibetan refugee community.

With a spark of luck, determination and hard work she managed to move from “behind-the-scenes” to “in-front of the camera” by presenting an online-show to promote Indonesian culture and musical trends.

Now at London360, she is sharpening her skills as a multi media journalist; striving to empower individuals and communities. Other topics that interest her are within the Arts & Entertainment, and Health & Nutrition sectors as she is a firm believer in healthy and balanced living, mixed with a lot of visual, emotive and music-related action.

Her secret little gem in London: Ziferblat in Shoreditch is a quirky workspace that offers anyone to come in and enjoy a cuppa or anything else that is available there for just £3 an hour and calls for creativity to just flow.

Hidden fact about Yasmine: she is hypermobile and can twist her arm 360°.

Follow Yasmine on Twitter: @YasmineTP