Series Twelve



Kate was born and raised in the heart of South London. Her love for creativity, especially art and music, was influenced by city life and growing up in the capital.

Kate studied health and social care at Croydon College, where she was inspired to get involved in her local community. Kate was selected by the Lambeth Leaving Care Team to facilitate an independent living workshop for young people aged 16-21, which was an empowering experience for those involved.

Motivated by this, she then went on to work for the Prince’s Trust: reaching out to more disadvantaged young people in the community. Whilst working there, she was given the opportunity to work as a research reporter with The Times. This is when Kate discovered a new passion for journalism and public speaking.

Kate looks forward to training and working with London360. She is keen to further develop her insight into London’s communities and passion for mental health. After gaining all the necessary media skills, she hopes to pursue a career in presenting and news reporting.

In her spare time, Kate enjoys attending music festivals and live shows. She organises music events and tries her hand at artist development. She’s a member of creative organisations: Urban Development and The Roundhouse. One dream she has is to open her own music venue.

Twitter: @katekarla1


Joseph Aspinall is from a large ethnically diverse family in south London, a fusion of an Irish and English family who went on to integrate with an array of ethnic communities in the city. This culturally diverse upbringing has given Joseph direct exposure to and appreciation for other backgrounds. During his teenage years, Joseph worked with his cousins at an amateur entertainment and dramatics venue, on productions of live shows, music and short films. It is here where he discovered his interest in reporting as he became the venue’s newsletter editor.

While studying law and politics, Joseph joined student radio station Fuse FM with a regular slot for three years where he covered a variety of news stories from women’s rights marches to both student and national elections.

After moving back to London, Joseph kept in radio, becoming involved with Wandsworth Radio. Here, he produces and presents his own shows, reporting on the local area, events and issues. Joseph also completed the Creativity Works: Multimedia Genius Training programme, where he developed reporting, blogging and editing skills. His team produced three short films for the BBC on how Barack Obama served the Black Community during his presidency and interviewed Jamal Edwards about mental health in young people at an NME shoot. He has demonstrated his social media capability elsewhere, covering the 4 Music/Box platforms during Facebook Live events.

Joseph is a music fanatic and a keen kayaker. He sources his music at gigs, online and through social media, communicating with bands and agents. Whether he is working, partying or kayaking in the Alps, there is a soundtrack to his life.

He hopes to use all of his media experiences to make a real impact at London360.

Twitter: @joeyaspinall


Hannah was born into a Jewish family and grew up in London. Her passion for telling a story led her to study English and Drama at University and eventually into the finance technology sector in order to understand a previously confusing sphere. Future technologies that can assist and empower the world excite Hannah greatly. Being a young woman in a male dominated field also furthered her appetite to explore women’s rights and sexism.

Having participated in theatre performances and drama courses, Hannah’s love for telling a story started from a young age. She established herself as an eager performer and the go-to-girl for assisting with any last minute things at school. Currently presenting the comedic features for J-TV, The Global Jewish News Channel, Hannah heads to the streets of London interviewing and playing Jewish inspired games with the public.

The unique opportunity to join London360 provides Hannah with first class training behind and in-front of the camera to propel her career. She hopes to establish a career in presenting/reporting regarding technology, sexism, hate crime and pop culture.

Twitter: @hannahr_burns


Afia was born in Plaistow to parents who originate from Dominica and Ghana. With passions including entertainment, performing, music and current affairs, Afia puts her passion into practice through weekly updates on her YouTube channel. Along with lifestyle videos, she has developed a series called “Afia Asks” where she interviews upcoming talented individuals who are chasing their dreams to inspire others to do so too.

Afia has experience in covering a live music event on the o2’s Instagram and Snapchat after winning a competition for the most retweets. She also is a radio presenter for Reprezent Essex.

Her love for current affairs sees her to take an active role in updating the University of Westminster’s business and economics blog with current affairs.

In February 2016 Afia won an Outstanding Young Achievers award for her efforts in holding community events. Afia hopes to positively impact the community of London and will use London360 as a platform to do so.

Twitter: @AfiaKufuor


Francesca Nicholls was born into London one snowy night. Yet she was not alone – she had a twin. Having a companion upon entry into the world encouraged Francesca’s confidence but also encouraged her competitive and ambitious spirit.

She pursued journalism by gaining an internship with Polarity International, an online life-style magazine. It was here that she expressed her opinionated and passionate views on feminism, animal rights, nature and politics.

Francesca’s love of performance and writing became interconnected through the forum of broadcast media. Francesca became a presenter, editor and director for a number of Cherwell TV shows, a university run online channel.

The opportunity to train with and work for London360 was an incredible chance for Francesca to refine her skills and expand her knowledge, whilst also providing a wonderful platform to express her views to a larger audience. The skills that she learns here will be utilised in order to pursue a career in broadcast journalism.

Media allows her to use both words and film to make others realise their importance in this world and to reiterate to them that they have to reach for the moon because, even if they do not make it, at least they’ll land on the stars.



Bethel Tesfaye was born at University College Hospital in Camden to Ethiopian and Eritrean parents. After spending the first 14 years of her life in the bustling area of Camden where she thrived at school, writing her very first article at 11. She then moved to the suburbs of west London where her passion for journalism, politics and history really developed.

The move from central London to west London awakened her to the reality of the socio-economic and political diversity of London. Current affairs animated her passion for her education particularly in the subject of History (which she went on to study at university) as the 2008 financial crash and the election of Barack Obama coincided with her learning about the 1929 Wall Street crash and civil rights. So perhaps it is no surprise that she aspires to be a reporter specialising in American politics.

Beth would describe herself as a vocational journalist and has demonstrated a long-standing commitment to a career in this field. From writing for her sixth form newspaper to recently gaining a weeks worth of work experience as a researcher for award winning EWPL productions.

Beth is passionate about finding new and creative ways to convey complex ideas and addressing cultural and political blind spots. She is also involved in local political activism where she is exposed to specific issues that affect her local community. She hopes that her training and work as a news reporter for London360 will indulge her sincere curiosity about the community and world she inhabits and give her an absolute permission to ask the questions, to investigate and give exposure to problems and working solutions.

In her free time she loves to organise pizza and ice cream socials and hunt for the best burger places in London. She is a news junkie and loves to keep up with the latest think piece that’s making the rounds on Twitter.