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Christinah’s zeal for journalism sparked at around 11 years old, where she reinvented her own interpretation of the classic ‘Smash hits’ magazine. Creating her first publication revealed her hidden talent as a writer. Discovering her suppressed talents, her persistence to break in to journalism proved a relentless challenge.

Having previously worked as a sales consultant, she faced a string of battles with mixed perceptions regarding her career path. Feeling undiscouraged, she still managed to secure placements whilst balancing her paid job, earning her internships within varied subject areas including business, finance and entertainment.

Her willpower managed to gain her a position at Pride magazine where she produced her first published piece. She continued her pursuit by working as a freelance journalist for other publications including local magazine ‘Ethno news’, ‘Global Islamic Finance’ and more recently ‘Zest magazine’. She solely bases her determination on her pursuit to attain her dream career within journalism.

Christinah was ecstatic when she was given the opportunity of a lifetime to work as a news reporter for London 360. She will continue to strive towards a promising career within journalism.

I can’t live with…
Indecisive people, sliced tomatoes, people who slurp drinks, the BNP, watching Keith Lemon on a Saturday night, Coronation Street.

I can’t live without…
My pearl earrings, Fm radio (essential for my car journeys), YSL mascara, The Simpsons, Maggi cubes (I’m Nigella Lawson in the making), Hair extensions, Holy Bible.

I would like to film a romantic scene in Wolverine2 with Hugh Jackman.

In ten years’ time I see myself…
Out of my overdraft, and on the masthead of an extremely successful publication!

My favourite thing about London is…
The fact that you can get to anywhere and everywhere on the tube!

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Originally from Devon, Emily-Jane has been pursuing a career in the Media since she discovered her tendency to ask too many questions. She has a degree in Journalism and PR and has produced documentaries for radio and television, including a short film about Little Tibet.

She has travelled widely, from Europe to India, as a teacher but says this has made her even more determined to bring the ‘outside world to the average man’s doorstep’.

She spent her degree breaking into battery hen farms, badgering sexist fireman and door-stepping Gordon Brown on his election tour.

Since graduating Emily-Jane has spent the last year improving her journalistic eye in various work placements whilst juggling a job in events, but feels it’s time she embraced the challenge of the big city.

A keen blogger and social networking nerd, Emily-Jane considers herself fiercely ambitious and dedicated, and hopes London 360 will give her a platform to get her voice heard.

I can’t live without…
My various news apps, red hair dye, concealer, my winding-down playlist, life lists, flavoured water, my world map and optimism.

I can’t live with…
Baked beans, cheating footballers, Call of Duty, uninformed opinions and dirty fingernails.

I would like to take part in dancing on ice with Patrick Swayze.

In ten years time I see myself…
Owning a documentary production company, producing from around the world and increasing awareness of Global Issues; aim for top right!?

The thing I most love about London is…
The Victoria Line tube announcer with a Red Mohican, New Rock Boots and a cheery disposition.

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After graduating from Kings College London, Rosa started her media career in the music industry as chaperone and PA to Delilah,one of the UK’s hotly tipped female singer songwriting sensations. Rosa learnt very quickly about the music industry and nurturing/developing talent.

Rosa’s experience of the media and music business, life after education and relationships, led her to write and she started her blog The Ugly Betty of the music world meets 20Something Adrian Mole. Lilly Lovelett is a 20something fictitious character exploring the transition from teen to 20something woman, life after uni and the working world. The blog has received commercial support from Miss Selfridge, who Rosa also writes for as the Lilly character, in the Style Diaries section of the site.

Coming from a multicultural and somewhat unconventional background has made Rosa particularly interested in people and their life experiences and she is very much influenced by life and the people around her.

While running her blog she is working on a debut novel ’20something’. Rosa’s witty, and honest writing style has seen her write for Company Magazine and Red Magazine and XFactor online. She has a keen interest in music radio, television and regularly pitches new ideas and features across the board. She presents and produces a music and talk based radio show on Break London. Rosa has a keen interest on stories that affect young people, women and promoting a positive intelligent image of women in the music & media industries. She is passionate about telling these stories and excited about the chance to do so through the London360 platform.

I can’t live without…
Tea, Twitter, a good thorough Facebook stalk, my mum (cringe) in fact my family (double cringe) Outnumbered on DVD, the theatre, my friends, trips to Ireland, laughing till it hurts, did I say tea?

I can’t live with…
Boys who say ‘Yo Babez’, girls that stick their bums on Twitter, cheating boyfriends, stupid or miserable mean and nasty people. Not fond of damp either.

I would like to go back to… when I was 15 and wore Velour tracksuits and stuck Chupa Chups in my hair I secretly quite liked it then!

In ten years time I see myself…
Writing award winning columns and books! Working hard, making great TV programs on issues I’m passionate about, hitting people who ask silly questions like ‘where do you see yourself in 10 years time?’ Changing my mind, doing it all, making people smile, helping young people, talking on the radio, being happy and hopefully staying well well away from ‘picking out curtains’.

Things I love most about London
The people, the Milk Man, the Cabbie, the Post Man, the Angry Shouty Man that lives next door. I even have time for London’s angry drivers.

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Marissa has always been progressively ambitious, wanting a successful career in the creative and media industry.

Coming from a drama and performance background Marissa was keen to learn more about media and joined a community radio station which broadcasted to all local secondary schools in her borough. At 17, she made her modest debut as a journalist writing cover stories and interviewing talent for fashion & entertainment magazine True. Later she accomplished the role of online editor.

She became confident in developing and maintaining personal and professional relationships within the industry and managed to juggle a hectic private life whilst pursuing her passions.

Working with brands such as Universal Music, Marissa has gained experience in promotions, PR & marketing. Whilst studying for a Media & Cultural Studies degree and shortly after graduating, she landed a role as guest presenter on local community radio station Bang 106.3FM.

Marissa is already known for being a strong, independent and fiercely driven young woman. She is interested in music, fashion and culture. She is professional and dynamic and hopes to continue to build a career in presenting and broadcasting, uniting both her passions and ambitions.

I can’t live without…
Music, Fashion, Fizzy Drinks, ‘Coming To America’ DVD, Woman’s Rights Anything antiseptic, Loved ones, Any book on social Anthropology.

I can’t live with…
Noisy eaters, Insects, Liars, People with poor hygiene, Mediocrity, A bad weave.

I would like to star in a Hollywood film with Halle Berry.

In ten years’ time I see myself…
Living good. Financially secure. A well rounded, accomplished woman. I would have achieved some sort of success in areas that I am passionate about, also made a positive and forceful difference in my community.

The thing I most love about London is….
I was born in fashionable London. It is both historic and modern. Multi-cultural, busy and jam-packed. It’s gritty and loves football. It’s bittersweet.



Carina Nava Johnson is a young ambitious woman with an infectious personality, a truly unforgettable character.
Carina studied Communications Media at Brunel University and graduated with a 2:1 in July 2011. It was through the years at Brunel she discovered her passion for fashion, music and presenting.

Over the years she has explored her various passions by partaking in London Fashion Week, modeling for various designers, as well as writing and producing music, and frequently presenting university-based shows. Out of all three she decided to follow her dream of becoming a presenter as she believes that once you find something you love doing you will never have to work a day in your life!

Now she has joined London 360 to set the wheels in motion and learn invaluable skills that will prove beneficial for her later years in the industry.

I can’t live with…
boring, permanently miserable, and selfish people.

I can’t live without…
Family, Friends, and Lip Gloss.

I would like to dance in the rain with Usher.

In ten years’ time I see myself…
Who knows where we will be in ten years time but the uncertainty excites me!

The thing I most love about London is…
The endless opportunities available to us!

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After graduating from Oxford University with an English degree, Rose pursued her ambition of becoming a foreign correspondent. Having completed a successful stint as a producer on World Have Your Say for the BBC World Service, she was offered a placement at the BBC bureau in Johannesburg.

It was here that she first worked on the front line of breaking news, as part of the team that kept the world informed on matters of global importance such as the hospitalisation of Nelson Mandela and the ongoing Dewani case.

Her package on rhino poaching was broadcast on the national BBC 6 o’clock news and fronted by a senior correspondent. One of her proudest achievements was reporting on Africa’s growing fashion industry for Africa Business Report on BBC World.

Rose is an intrepid reporter, seeking out stories in unlikely places. She ventured into the impoverished and often dangerous townships to document the influence of ballet on children’s lives there. The radio package was picked up and broadcast on the BBC World Service.

Rose has since worked as a freelance journalist writing in print and online on subjects including religious oppression in Fiji and the detention of activists in Israel.

Can’t live without…
Playing the saxophone, women’s rights, football, old movies, funk and soul music, tap-dancing, Rocky bars, the works of Samuel Beckett

Can’t live with…
Stickers, velvet, capers and olives, coffee shop chains, pot pourri, wasting paper, vandalism, dawdlers

I would like to have a ginger beer in the top of Big Ben with William Shakespeare

In ten years’ time I see myself…
Working as a reporter at a foreign bureau, hopefully with a reputation for seeking justice and presenting the truth

The thing I most love about London is…
Sunset drinks on the Southbank, Boris biking around St Paul’s Cathedral, picnics in Embankment Gardens and late-night live music in Camden

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Bursting with creativity, Tasha has been freelancing as a versatile journalist and editor for over four years. She has charmed the likes of singers, Jason Derulo and Imran Khan in interviews for Sensazn magazine as well as reviewing various music award shows. Independent and known to her friends as ‘the girl who never sleeps’, she thrives on debating social issues. Much to the annoyance of others, Tasha never stops asking questions and enjoys teaching others about what she has learned.

Whilst studying English at Queen Mary University, she busied herself working in PR promoting sustainable communications. Her highlight to date was working for BBC Blast, where she created events for other young people who are passionate about the arts.

Tasha hopes her career will take her around the world, meeting new people and being constantly inspired by everything she experiences around her.

I can’t live without…
My family, google, music and chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate.

I can’t live with…
Overcrowded tubes, children who grow up too fast and ignorance.

I would like to travel the world in a private jet with Helen Keller.

In ten years time I see myself…
happy and successful in whatever I’ll be doing but hopefully still learning new things every day.

The thing I most love about London is…
the unpredictability. You never know what you’re going to find in London but you’re always guaranteed a surprise!

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Abdullah is 23 years old and graduated from the University of Westminster studying Arabic & International Relations. He also spent a year abroad living in Egypt travelling and studying Arabic. Hailing from Ilford, a small town on the fringes of London and Essex Abdullah is currently working towards having a big time career in the media.

Abdullah is a massive sports fan and loves a range of sports including soccer and American football. He is a massive Man United and Atlanta Falcons fan and his all time favourite sportsman and one person he would love to meet more than anything in the world is Cristiano Ronaldo.

Abdullah presented a feature length documentary called ‘Dare 2 Dream’ which was filmed in Kilburn, North West London. Abdullah’s biggest inspiration is Malcolm X and recalls his time in Egypt as being the best year of his life.

Watch Abdullah grow and I can assure you pretty soon everyone is gonna know his name.

I can’t live without…
Football, Manchester United, NFL, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Colbert Report and TV.

I can’t live with….
Lady Gaga, Manchester City, fake people, Glenn Beck, Fox News, Modern day pop music.

I would like to play football in Spain with Cristiano Ronaldo.

In ten years time I see myself…..
As being the next Jon Stewart and or Stephen Colbert (with my own TV show of course).

The thing I most love about London is…
That there are always opportunities to make it big.

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Helena graduated from the University of Sheffield in 2009 and it was here where she got bitten by the broadcast bug. She headed the Communities Live show at the community radio station 93.2fm Sheffield Live, gaining experience in writing, interviewing, presenting and production.

As a naturally friendly, chatty and inquisitive person, journalism was a natural career choice. Helena loves finding out about people and has a reputation for asking the questions that others are too scared to ask.

Helena has a real passion for community related issues, including women’s issues, social issues and human rights. She co-presented Sheffield Summer of Sanctuary launch festival in 2009 and 2010 from which she became actively involved in celebrating and helping refugees in the city.

Having moved to London earlier this year, she already considers herself an honorary Londoner and is keen to get stuck in and champion all things that are great about London.

I can’t live without…
Cereal, cheese, good music, antibacterial hand gel, regular hugs.

I can’t live with…
People touching my wrists, the cluster of seeds inside peppers, people who walk slowly in front of me.

I would like to make puddings in Paris with Gregg Wallace.

In ten years’ time I see myself…
having perfected the art of pie making.

The thing I most love about London is…
You can walk down the street wearing a fleecy Spongebob Squarepants poncho, your skirt tucked into your knickers, a colander on your head and no one bats an eyelid.

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Tom, 22, is a lifelong Londoner, born and raised in the leafy suburb of Finchley.

While reading History at Nottingham University, Tom spent two years running his student radio station, URN. Taking up the Head of Music role, he launched the station’s specialist music brand, URN After Dark, and interviewed everyone from Bombay Bicycle Club to Florence Welch. In his time there, URN won a record 24 National Student Radio Awards including Station of the Year in 2008 and 2010.

After graduating, Tom trained as a broadcast journalist at BBC Nottingham, writing for their website and helping produce the BBC Introducing radio show for the East Midlands, The Beat.

Moving back to London, Tom coordinated press and PR for the national brain injury association, Headway, before taking a year out to work in France on a ski season, InterRail around Europe and backpack around South East Asia.

Now, he’s back in the capital and trying his hand at producing TV, with some journalism thrown in for good measure. After London360, Tom wants to take the step up to a channel or one of the indies, helping produce shows involving music, entertainment, and arts and culture.

He’s always up for a chat, feel free to contact him via the details below.

I can’t live without…
Tottenham Hotspur, good music and rare fillet steak.

I can’t live with…
Pessimism, people who can’t use the word ‘literally’ properly, and anyone who has stopped liking a band because they’ve become popular.

I would like to have a few beers in my local with Colin Murray.

In ten years’ time I see myself…
Trying to run my own production company or, if I’m lucky, commissioning programmes for a channel somewhere.

The thing I most love about London is…
How it’s always changing and evolving; Samuel Johnson said it best, “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.”

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