Season Ten’s First Shoot

Season Ten’s First Shoot

Tuesday 26th January 2016, our first ever shoot!!!

This was exciting, all six reporters out on the shoot; camera team one (Daryl, Laurelle and Yasmine) and camera team two (Lape, Ranel and Savan) – plus the added support of both Jasmine (our executive producer) and Nigel (our chief editor) 🙂

The Toy Fair is an annual event that takes place at Kensington Olymipia. An opportunity for toy retailers to view and purchase the latest toys from toy manufacturers.

Toy Fair does something special, they collaborate with the charity KidsOut to provide toys to children who are in refuge because their mothers fled and abusive home.  When mothers flee an abusive environement with their children they take the bare minimum. Most of the time the children don’t get to take their toys. At the end of the Toy Fair, KidsOut voulenteers and staff do a trolley dash around the exhibition.  They are allowed to take as many toys as possible from the shelves of the toy suppliers. The toys collected are then then boxed up to be given to the children at the refuge.  It’s lovely. Brand new toys, that the children can call their own.

Daryl was the producer/presenter for this shoot, so Yasmine and I assisted with filming the main interviews. While we did this, camera team two explored the main event to get vox pops (interviews with the public) and b-roll (footage to be used to illustrate the event). An opportunity to practice the camera skills that Nigel had been teaching us.

As well as practice with the camera it was also a great experience working with the team outside of the office. You realise how much we need to work together – each person has a responsibity at all times, even if that’s providing live updates on Twitter and snapchat.

The KidsOut team were fantastic – everyone had a genuine desire to help collect the toys. They even had time to make sure that we were looked after. Our guide, Joellyn, ensured that we had everything that we needed and knew where everything was.

Although it was a practice shoot, it was a lot busier than expected more helpful hints. A lot of lessons learnt – preparation before a shoot is very important. Knowing exactly who you are going to interview and when. Always have the questions printed out, especially if you are in two teams because both teams can then be get vox pops.

To see Daryl’s full feature check out season ten’s premier on Monday 22nd February 2016, 7pm Community Channel.




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