A Little Deeper with 360

A Little Deeper with 360

Four weeks into series 12 and I can’t express how diverse at the surface we all are. Settling in and getting to know the team we all share similar values at the core.

We want to win and want to do well, and we’re doing it with passion, getting used to all of the different things that it takes to suceed in this industry you think you know but getting taught 360 you realised you have no idea!

Over the last few weeks we have had more personal masterclasses that have really scratched below the surface and we’re sharing a lot and opening up and think it’s helped us gel better as a team.

I started to realise there’s no short cuts and people only tell you what they want you know but under the surface there’s no success without hard work lots of it!

Andrew Davis delivered a masterclass  “Putting The So What Into Social Media” and it was one of the best because I don’t think any of us expected what we took away at the end. Firstly I realised being humble gets you a long way and gives you longevity let your work speak for itself there’s no need to over compensate with who you know and what you know the proof is the pudding and if you work hard and treat others correctly you will achieve what you wish to attain, success is a journey not a destination.

It’s amazing how being able to say exactly what you mean and what you want can change everything… Being a Journalist it’s key that we tell stories and how you articulate yourself will be the key factor to your success. How do you relate to others and how they relate to you.

Since joining the team I quickly got with the program and joined twitter and snap chat and I’m having fun. One thing Andrew said that has helped me is,  “Kill your ego no one cares what you think” being afraid to use certain platforms personally speaking because I was afraid of how I will be perceived happened to me immediately after realising I was presented will an opportunity to do what I love. It’s odd but it happens but then you get over it.

Some will call it fear and I agree but coming out of my shell was another reason why I choose to leave university and  be apart of London360 as it challenged me and taught me skills I could use immediately!

After having a weekend to reflect we entered week three with a master class in personal branding with Joanna Bloxham and amazing woman with a great out look on life…

We had to explore our values and go deeper into the things that make us who we are. I realised from this masterclass that I have a tendency to celebrate others and not myself and I’ve taken the advice to celebrate myself more and enjoy the the journey along the way. It honestly felt like group therapy again something we wasn’t expecting but it was a pleasant surprise.

Jo’s workshop was followed up by one of our last masterclasses with Angelia Benbelaid which was just the fix we needed she taught us the art of managing stress at work and you never know what you need until you get it.

With deep breathing techniques and learning how to manage yourself and your time effectively is something I am learning to implement within my day to day life especially when learning new things and venturing out of my comfort zone in confidence.

Angelia did say stress makes stupid and when you think about it, it really does. No one can really do there best if there stressed you actually do the opposite! So I’ll be taking her advice and balance myself effectively.

All of the masterclasses mentioned don’t really sound like I’m learning to be a news reporter but just like the name, we are getting the 360 experience.

If im honest I look at my team and im so glad to be apart of this series with them and I’m already learning so much by us all being so different.


With all the signs of our last masterclasses that well-being is everything to succeed not to forget hard work and late nights!

One thing Andrew did  say that stuck with me, that seems so obvious is “Who you know will get you the job, but what you know will keep the job”

Its been an interesting four weeks I’m keen to see what the rest is yet to unfold.






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