A Month On and Like McDonalds…I’m Loving It

A Month On and Like McDonalds…I’m Loving It

Wow, I can’t believe it has been a month already, and I still haven’t pranked anybody in the office. Anywho, the plan this week is to film the title sequence for the show, but the weather doesn’t seem to be on the same page as we are. Luckily, I’ve managed to convince the sun to come out for thirty minutes, so the team can pose with their fancy boards in the car park.

This week is also when we meet some very prominent people. Included on the list are Jon Snow and Tim Campbell. Actually, scratch that. Apparently, Mr. Snow has been called away on some dispatch-type of work, but fear not. The winner of the first series of Apprentice, Tim Campbell, popped into the office to give us an exclusive interview, in which Yours Truly was missing-in-action.

Earlier that day, I received a call from a friend who had spare tickets to actor Idris Elba’s drama workshop at the Haymarket Theatre in Piccadilly Circus. I thought it would be a great opportunity to get an exclusive interview with the handsome actor. As you can tell by the tone of the blog, things didn’t go exactly according to plan. My friend and I spent the first thirty minutes of the show pleading with the stewards to let us in, as we were 15 minutes late. After 50 minutes of begging, they decided to let the pitiful group of drama students into the second half of the workshop.

Once I stepped into the theatre auditorium, I quickly came to the realization that my exclusive interview was not going to happen. Just my luck, I had opted out of what would have been an insightful discussion with Tim Campbell in a one-on-one interview that wasn’t going to happen. Instead, when I got back to the office, I was given the unenviable role of transcribing the video footage of my colleagues’ ONE HOUR-long interview. After typing it up, I learnt a very valuable lesson:  never ditch a good interview, no matter how hot the celeb may be.

During that same week, some of us in the team were lucky enough to attend a meeting with professionals in the media industry, who were all under the age of thirty. The attendees were from well-known corporations, including Channel Four, MTV, Warner Brothers and Radio One. We discussed ways in which London360 could be promoted and how we could expand our target audience. Talking to these experts really made me realize the media are the industry for me. Stay tuned!

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