Addiction in the city

Addiction in the city

Dubbed as the original ‘IT Girl’, Londoner Tara-Palmer Tomkinson was found dead in her flat yesterday. I was shocked by the news and saddened as I enjoyed watching and listening to her on various TV shows.

Whilst Tara’s death is currently ‘unexplained’ it is widely known that she had a terrible cocaine addiction. I wonder, is there enough support for people who suffer with addiction?

Whilst the NHS and many charities continue to do incredible work is there something more the local communities in London can do?

London map showing the different boroughs. Copyright of

According to the Local Government Association’s 2013 report there are three main treatments for those that have addiction issues;

  • Medical therapy
  • Talking therapy
  • Support groups

Community led support groups for people suffering from addiction are a great way for people to get help whilst feeling they are in a safe place. In many way London is a warm, welcoming place where all people are accepted but it can also




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