Bars For Change gives hope to the alternative narrative

Bars For Change gives hope to the alternative narrative
A new online series titled ‘Bars For Change’ has really set the tone for creative citizen journalism. Twenty-year-old protester and activist Jody McIntyre is friends with some of the top names from the music world. He has used his contacts to create a five-part music-led documentary that will feature a different star from the Grime / Hip hop scene as he confronts and challenges the establishment over issues that affect young people in Britain today. 

A few weeks ago whilst producing a separate feature for London 360, I asked presenter Rodney P to interview London rapper, Awate about his part in the first episode. ‘Who Polices the Police’.

Here he speaks out about his experiences with the police, his respect for Jody and why he is supporting Bars For Change.

Watch episode one of Bars For Change – ‘Who Polices the Police’.

Jody wants your input for lyrics, beats and video locations for the remaining four films.

and check out the trailer for the next episode featuring@AkalaMusic and @ArubaRed. 

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