BBC Radio Host Eddie Nestor ‘dolls’ up for good cause

BBC Radio Host Eddie Nestor ‘dolls’ up for good cause

 BBC Radio Host Eddie Nestor joined crowds of men dressed in their finest frillies at The Great Drag Race in Highbury fields on the 18th June, in support of Prostate Cancer.  Set up by the X Foundation and Prostate Action, the event is in its second year and attracted men from all across London willing to swap their trousers for skirts for the day.

Fozia Nasir

Speaking after the race, Eddie expressed his delight in taking part “I got hood winked into it, I thought I’d do it but looking at all these people, coming along to support a great charity, with the number of people who are dying.  Breast cancer gets a lot of attention and so it should, but a lot of people particularly people of Asian descent, African descent are having problems with prostate and it was my pleasure to run.”

Prostate cancer kills as many men as breast cancer kills women and yet 70% of us don’t even know what the prostate is.  With men dying unnecessarily as a result of a lack of understanding about the disease, The Great Drag Race aims to provide men with an education about their prostates, dragging the issue into the spotlight.

For a full account of the ‘ladies’ in action, check out London 360’s report.

For more information on prostate cancer and how you can donate go to   

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