BLOG: That Deep End

BLOG: That Deep End

The vInspired Awards 2014 was a memorable event full of amazing young heroes and star-studded performances, but added to this was how this was my first ever ‘purple’ carpet experience! Want to know what made it more intense? Well I was told that I would be presenting just 15 minutes before we had to set up!

It was literally jump in the deep end… because someone had to. What I realised, was that it was the best move I could have taken – despite how cheesy that sounds. So what? I fumbled a couple questions, I might have not asked some of the best ones and I didn’t have a great outfit or have a hair stylist, but it was such a great adrenaline rush! After shaking out the nerves, I felt so comfortable and really enjoyed the event from a completely different way.

What was interesting was how this completely echoed my first ever live radio show. While working with Reprezent Radio 107.3FM, I had just started learning to do my own shows, with about 3 pre-recorded pilots practiced when I was asked to cover someone with just half an hours’ notice. It was exciting to feel that same rush of being able to be in front of the mic and the camera, being able to talk to people that I admire. Maybe it’s just that I’m really lucky that these opportunities always seem to arise, even though it’s when I least expect.

However, the most interesting thing overall, is that a couple years ago in college I wasn’t even confident enough to speak in class. Every year my school reports would say that I should participate more in class and to hear my voice was a rarity. Now I can’t exactly pinpoint where that shift in confidence came from, but I can admit that jumping in the deep end to actually force myself out there was the best way to go about it. Everyone tackles their confidence issues in different ways, but having to face your fears and take it head on has proved the best method for me. It has got me to the stage where I’m interviewing for a TV show on a red carpet!

This was just the first taste of the red carpet, but it has really sparked me to want to do even more. Now while I didn’t win any vInspired awards, I would love to see this as way to inspire those with confidence issues to know that gaining confidence is possible! You just have to be ready to jump in that deep end.

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