Blog – The Flight

Blog – The Flight

Take off. I have currently been part of the London 360 Series 7 team for approximately 4 weeks, including spending my first week shadowing Series 6. The first couple of weeks included workshops and master classes to teach us all we needed to know to successfully create and produce our own features. However, the last couple of weeks was when we had to combine master classes with preparing for our first editorial meeting, as well as planning and attending location shoots to add to some of our first features for our first London 360 show. I must admit – it has been quite hectic.

Initially, I was excited to finally be working on my own stories. I had a lot of ideas which had been drawn from various areas of interests and passions which I could not wait to channel. I could be travelling to and thro work but be thinking of what may be happening around me and what story I could form. I was very excited but also nervous about the team’s first editorial meeting. I pitched thirteen stories therefore breaking a London 360 record. I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing. Nonetheless, I was able to demonstrate a variety of my interests and also convey my zeal for creating, developing and producing my own features.

I have finally taken off. I spent the week ending 18th of July 2014 mainly working on some of my features. Contacting events, venues and talent was at the core of the week and planning the forthcoming weeks had been at the back of my mind and still is.

Before an aeroplane takes of it has to gather speed and even after it takes off, the pilot has to ensure that the plane is flying at a high enough speed until the plane has reached the right height for its journey. This is comparable to being at London 360. I have taken off.

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