First week on the job and lessons hopefully learnt.

First week on the job and lessons hopefully learnt.

First week on the job and lessons hopefully learnt.

The official title for my work at London 360 is simple enough, Volunteer News Reporter. In reality the title should be more like Volunteer News Reporter, cameraman, editor, blogger, tweeter and transcriber and not forgetting networker. This title will no doubt expand even further in the coming weeks and months!

Making one feature alone starts from researching to interviewing to filming and presenting, to transcribing, to editing. This all takes time and effort. If anyone thought that this would be an internship that simply required someone to make the coffee and fetch the lunch (which I didn’t, of course) they are in for a big surprise. But I love it, we learn about how to do pretty much everything within the wide range of media. No one wants to sign up to something which doesn’t test them or help them learn and grow in their chosen field, especially when they want to forge a career in it.

With all this in mind, getting to know the ropes is valuable and in the next few weeks I will, amongst other things, learn how to produce a world class feature for London 360. This will then be broadcasted on the Community Channel and eventually (probably in a couple of months) London Live. These features will hopefully come close to the many features that London 360 reporters have produced over the last few years.

Just a few notes for the reader, if you want to join the London 360 team in the future there are a few things you should bear in mind. Try and learn how to set up a tripod as early as possible (if is quite difficult despite looking very simple). Learn to keep the boom out of shot and don’t make the mistake of only picking up background noise, (in other words, listen to what you’re recording on camera). All this learnt from my first shoot on the banks of the River Shuttle in Bexley.

Onwards and upwards.

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