From Ignoramus to TV Snob

From Ignoramus to TV Snob

My first week at London360 as a reporter for Series 12, has been fun, varied and really informative. I’ve wanted to be a journalist for a long time and have done research before on what this job entails. But I’ve learnt so many new things that I was not aware of.

Jasmine Dotiwala and Reshma Biring our mentors and managers, have given us unvarnished and real advise about how to make it in this industry. The way a ‘can do attitude’ and the drive to go above and beyond will make you stand out. The need for thick skin. The need to get rid of inhibitions and put yourself out there, the expectation, standard and the jargon. Everything. So I am enjoying having mentors who don’t patronise, who really encourage but also give constructive criticism.

Learning from industry heavyweights like Vivien Morgan who taught us the ‘so what?’ factor; the importance of your audience and your news being actually NEW. Our master class with photographer Richard Pascoe means I will never be scared to go into my settings on my camera, reset and understand what all those pesky buttons do.

B-roll, aperture and ‘pieces to camera’ are all words and phrases that would have perplexed me 10 days ago (feel free to Google them now 😉). But now I cannot watch a television news report without noticing them and maybe, potentially making snarky comments about the lighting. Yes, it’s true 10 days at London360 can transform you from an ignoramus to a TV snob. All kidding aside, learning about the planning, skill and work that goes into the making of TV makes me appreciate how it all looks so effortless.

Getting to know the team has also been a highlight, all of us have different interests and come from diverse backgrounds. This is the first time I’ve ever felt like I’ve been part of the team who really are individually unique not only in terms of our interests but also our personalities, So my team working skills have already improved.

My first week has made me eager to soak in everything and get started in applying everything that I’ve learnt.

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