Grenfell Tower – Voices of Latimer Road

Grenfell Tower – Voices of Latimer Road

In the early hours of Wednesday, the 14th June a fire broke out on the 4th floor of Grenfell Tower. The 24-storey, 127 flat, 600 (approx.) occupant tower is now a haunting shell of what it once was. The last flames went out on the following Thursday, over 24 hours after the fire first started.

On Friday the 16th of June, I along with two of my team mates headed over to Latimer Road to speak to the community, volunteers and those who had come to pay their respects.

When I walked out of the station; armed with my camera, notes and tripod, I could not have anticipated the confusion and despair I was to be confronted with. I began filming some posters – all of which showing the smiling faces of young and old. ‘MISSING’ in bold on every single poster along with contact details.

We began speaking to people, many of whom understandably did not want to be filmed. The first woman I spoke to was a mother of two in the tower block opposite Grenfell; ‘I cannot eat or sleep. I am so frightened for my life and my children’s lives. How can I believe we are safe?’ she then found it hard to continue speaking.

See below for a video I edited which shines a light on people’s frustrations and fears following the fire.

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