Hip hop intelligent weekend

Hip hop intelligent weekend

With the riots sweeping the daily news, many commentators such as journalist Paul Routledge wrote in his column in the Daily Mirror “rap’s culture of hatred and hip-hop stars who glamorise violence and crime influenced the thugs actions”. Most recently David Starkey comment on Newsnight that offended racial comment on the riots claiming the “whites have become blacks”.

Many would argue that hip hop music is the opposite and does not incite this. The Hip Hop Intelligent movement at the Southbank centre is a testament to this. Akala’s talk on the history of hip hop music he draws from medieval representations of oral African tradition music and culture. Also how its influenced through jazz and reggae to modern day hip hop.  He presented different artists that were elements of African origin music by jazz musicians in 1930’s.

But also he looked at the representation of hip hop in today standards how black culture and music has been disrespected in regarding the representation of hip hop artists.

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