Jack Petchey Glee Club Grand Finale

Jack Petchey Glee Club Grand Finale

Yesterday night I was filming at the Indigo2 for the Jack Petchey Glee Club Grand Finale, where 200 young performers from across London and Essex battled to be crowned song and dance champions of 2013.

The event can only be described as something in between a school assembly talent show and a live showing of the Xfactor. The young people performed in front of three celebrity judges – TV personality, Graham Norton,West End performer but best known for playing the role Christian in Eastenders, John Partridge and Killer Queen in West End musical, We will Rock you, Brenda Edwards.

They spent months in preparation, went through boot camp, and survived the regional finals, to have it come down to a final performance. I imagine that a process of this nature will divide opinion.

– Some would question whether it too much pressure for young people to go through.

– Others would believe that there’s better preparation for them later on in life.

Talking to them and hearing what they gained from the experience, many desperately dissapointed to have lost but determined to go again or just how much confidence they had after the process, I definately reside in the second camp.

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