London Museums

London Museums

This weekend I headed over to the planetarium in green which for the afternoon. I must admit, I hadn’t been to Greenwich before – I am now a Greenwich lover!

After having a lovely late lunch on the high street I headed to the planetarium to catch their Asteroid: Mission Extreme
 show narrated by none other than the queen of space – Sigourney Weaver!
It was really interesting, not just for those interested in space but it gave real insight into the future of future colonisation of planets. London has so many incredible museums – not just confined to South Kensington why aren’t we screaming and shouting about them?
Many working in museums argue that there has been a lower footfall due to the recent terror attacks in European cities. Or, perhaps it is because people no longer value the treasures of the past but are more preoccupied with the future?
Having worked with museums previously, I personally believe exhibitions are the best way to drive footfall. The Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition held at the Natural History Museum and the various fashion led exhibitions at the Victoria and Albert Museum connect with deep interests of many people today.
However Museums make their the majority of their money through commerce both online and offline.
But what use is a physical/online store if there is no interest in the museum itself?
What do you think London museums need to do to increase footfall?
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