London360 Filming Update

London360 Filming Update

Hello Old Friends,

How are you?

I know, I know – it’s been a while…I’m sorry.

To get back into the swing of things I thought it would be a good idea to update you with what is happening with our shows! The shows are each 22 minutes long and are set to be broadcast on London Live and the Community Channel which is a fantastic opportunity and one that we are all thrilled to have.

Our first show is a technology special; exploring how London is embracing technology, the history of tech in the city, finance technology and also the exciting but fairly frightening prospect of a robot takeover! We have visited organisations looking to get more women in the industry, companies that allow you to pay using your finger and we even came face to face with some incredible robots. Filming and editing has been completed and the next step is to work with a professional editor to make sure it is as perfect as can be to television!

The next show is the religion special which we are in the middle of filming. Living in a city that is so diverse and one would argue a very secular place has led us to ask the question ‘ Is G-d Dead In The City?’ and ‘How Are The Lives Of Londoners Being Affected By Religion?’. We are looking to answer these questions by speaking with lesser known religions and exploring secularization in London. Interfaith is another aspect we are investigating; romantic relationships, charities looking to bridge gaps between different faiths and a panel discussion with religious leaders from the 3 Abrahamic religions.

Knife Crime is an issue that Londoner’s are faced with everyday whether it be on the news, in the daily papers or in their communities. We are working on a show that will examine where this issue stems from and what can be done to remedy it. We have interviews lined up with ex-members of the Met police, young people who are taking the issue into their own hands and many more.

What do you think about our shows? Which one are you most excited to watch?

H x

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