Max Somerset: Magic and God

Max Somerset: Magic and God

Maximilian Somerset is an incredibly talented magician who is recognisable from such shows as ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ on BBC and ‘Max Magic’ on Sky.

As part of our Religion Special for London Undercover, airing on London Live TV and Community Channel, I filmed Max to see how he used magic to explain the existence of God:

It is a remarkable feat that Max is able to utilise magic in order to consolidate God’s existence. In a world that is progressively growing in atheistic tendencies, a trend that can be seen throughout the world, it is important, I believe, for people to use their talents in order to direct people away from atheism. The concept of God is shunned particularly as it becomes more ‘trendy’ to deny His existence. Luckily, what God is has radically changed from the paintings of God depicted by Michaelangelo in the Sistine Chapel. Instead of God being a man with a white beard pointing his finger from the ethereal clouds, he is now being recognised as a being that is no-thing. Energy, space, matter – something beyond what we can see but is every-thing.

Since the start of my journey at London360 I wanted to do a show on Religion. This was not because I was religious, in fact I was what is deemed a ‘Catholic Atheist’; someone indoctrinated with the Catholic principles but utterly aware that this ‘God’ being was just a fairy-tale; a hope for a world beyond this one, comfort after death.

So, when I pitched to my Executive Producer that I wanted to do a show on Religion it was merely because I was fascinated by the mainstream depictions of religious institutions and wanted to, in many ways, uncover their hypocrisy. Instead I learnt about different religions and rekindled a relationship with God that has led me to becoming a Christian. I still have a lot to learn. Yet, this spiritual journey has taught me tolerance and to recognise a deep rooted similarity in everyone I have met. From Pagans to the Aetherius Society to Islam to Hinduism I can acknowledge a foundation that we all share: a desire to give reverence to a being beyond our known world and to share love, peace and happiness on this Earth.

Max’s magical means of explaining God’s existence was the cherry on the cake of my spiritual journey. As the designer and creator of this Universe I am susceptible to His almighty power, as is true of a magician who performs. Like God, the magician is able to confound and perplex the spectator. Ultimately, however, even if it is just a trick, the lines between ‘magic’ and ‘illusion,’ ‘reality’ and ‘truth’ blur to point to a being beyond what my naked eye can fathom.

It is not something I can see but something I can feel. I am comforted by an overwhelming sense that there is a God who is all around me. For that, this journey at London360 has transformed me. Not only in my developed skills in media but as one who walks in faith and is grateful to explore a God who loves us all in his own image.

To find out more about my story read my blog which explains my spiritual journey:

Watch Max’s trick below to get a flavour of his genius and incredible desire to show God through the lens of magic!:

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