Major of London Sadiq Khan highlights a potential driving ban in London, a method to cut down pollution in the capital. After reaching our limit of annual air pollution for 2017 after just 5 days, the European Commission issued a “final warning” to the Government. This threat has led to Khan suggesting to propose a diesel car scrappage scheme, a ‘toxicity tax’ and a driving ban in London.

A driving ban on certain days in London will certainly reduce pollution but what alternative method of transport are people going to use? Most likely the trains… but this will cause overcrowding of an already over populated tube service! The public will definitely not support this ban as the effect will be inconvenience. People who drive love their freedom and their own space. Being denied this in Central London will cause outrage as there are already more enough people using public transport so the alternative solution is limited.

This ban must be a short term solution as London is a buzzing hub that requires a fully operational transport system to support it. The current new plan must be a part of a long term transport solution.  New technology is being developed surrounding transport. The new underground tube for cars system will have travel lanes for cars where they all move automatically at the same speed and you book your entrance underground via an app. Cars are locked in position with a two metre gap per car which prevents accidents. This system will clear traffic off the streets of London which is a large contributor of pollution.

Source: PLP

This new underground tube for cars will be beneficial but it will take a long time to develop and the cost will most definitely be large!

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