Right-Wing Terror – What is happening to London?

Right-Wing Terror – What is happening to London?

What on Earth is happening in this city?

From terror attacks to pollution, the thick smog from traffic entirely preventing the ability to breath the sweet fresh air experienced by other people in England. Inhumanity and death, injustice and stereotyping, division between the poor and rich expanding every second at an exponential rate.

What is happening to the city I once loved?

As someone working for London360 it is clear that I, as my fellow colleagues do, love London. I was propelled to work here so that I could uncover stories about my home and learn more about its hidden communities and the undercover stories of people that live within it.

Now, I am not so sure how I feel about this space. The London I know is becoming unrecognisable. There are many factors as to why.

Partially, I believe, it is down to silencing the voices of the right-wing. Now, I do not say this because I agree with them, but I do think it has a minute part to play. When I was at Oxford it was always ‘trendy’ to be a left-winger. Rioting, vocal, it meant that you were part of the ‘in’ crowd of humanitarian academic young people. In London I see the same. Having right-wing views ostracises many, to the extent that they are labelled as ‘UKIP voters, racists, Islamophobe’s’ on no other basis then voting conservative or having centrist right views. It’s ridiculous! I believe that when we silence people we allow them to then isolate themselves. With the internet taking over our lives, through this channel they then can communicate with like-minded individuals and propel their ideology until it becomes extreme.

Don’t we see this in ISIS too?

It is unacceptable for any terror to be inflicted. I do believe, however, until we start allowing for free, healthy dialogue and not shut people down because they are not expressing the same view as us, London will only deteriorate into a volatile world for us all.

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