Row row row your boat

Row row row your boat

I always wanted to live on a boat. How cool is that? No, Seriously, think about it. Nothing to worry about at all, no council tax! Just float around, eat seafood perhaps and live like a sailor. Well if you are thinking of electricity, you can buy a generator, you can’t have a washing machine (although I wonder how people living in boats do their washing), you can’t have a telephone or a broadband connection but that is why technology gives you mobile phones and dongles. But somehow I seem to see more merits than de-merits.

Fozia, who is producing a show on the waterway communities in London, took me on a shoot and I was impressed with the whole idea. Some of them float around from various parts of the UK and station in London for over a period of two weeks. Oh! The life of nomads. The shoot was an interview, which went quite well, and then the rest involved getting cut away shots, which included a glimpse of Richard Branson’s own boat. I so badly wanted to steer one of the boats but I am scared as I have never done that before and moreover I don’t know how to swim.

After some interesting shots, we met a man who lived in a boat selling DVD’s and dog bandanas. Now who would think of making bandanas for dogs? Actually, if I had a dog, I would buy one. Fozia tried to get an interview with the man and I started to play with the so very disciplined dogs. On the way back, I started dream about owning my own boat one day and sail around the world. But again, can I live without a fridge?

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