The final countdown

The final countdown

Yes the title from the 1986 classic song by band Swedish band sensation Europe for those who don’t know the song here’s what are missing.

So reason for the song its related to the theme of this blog week and also is just an excuse for me for the love of grown men with bad perms and adoration of bad but so good 80’s music. Yes, I am those people secretly listens alone nodding my head to enthusiastically I have no shame in owning to that.  So there is only a week left of this London 360 roller-coaster ride.  Is at the point where you about throw up but you hold it in for the fear of embarrassment. Well after that metaphor I will continue with the blog.

I had couple of late shoots on the same day, I had to shoot Big issue night walk, well tell a lie I just filmed the beginning of it. We were meant to film the director of Big Issue John Bird for the Londoner of the Week unfortunately he was unable to come.  In all things in media who have to have a plan B or C to Z really. So the organiser of the event said we could interview Bille Bickley a Big Issue vendor who is very active vendor the interview went really great and how she became a vendor for Big Issue.

Later the during the week filmed at channel 4 filmed Tabitha Jackson commissioner editor of arts. Then filmed a feature for young entrepreneurs at Student Beans best part the day they gave us beans, Jelly beans hence the name student beans. Yes I know really insightful(!)

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