The Future of Block WorkOut & Brixton’s First Street Gym

The Future of Block WorkOut & Brixton’s First Street Gym

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Terroll Lewis went from gang member and ex-prisoner to founder of Brixton’s Street Gym and a YouTube sensation. Terroll Lewis a.k.a Mr Block WorkOut set up the Block WorkOut Foundation where he begun to deliver training sessions in open spaces. He then went on to develop Brixton’s first street gym. Terroll recruited people from the community and together they transformed a car loading bay into a bright and vibrant sheltered outdoor training space. The Block WorkOut Foundation is funded by Sported Ltd, Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund and FreeSport. This gym is aimed at providing a community space where young people can work out without paying mainstream gym prices. Additionally, people can receive mentoring and be inspired to change their lives. Terroll homes in on the fact that many young men who lack a male role model in their lives look up to the older guys in their area and are motivated to get involved in the wrong things and join gangs. This happened to Terroll which saw him ending up in prison over a murder that he did not commit. This led him to set up the Block WorkOut Foundation to build a community and put people on the right track where “no one gets left behind”. Terroll says “What we’ve done here is created a new gang. But its a good gang that brings people together”

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Lambeth Council are planning to rebuild Somerleyton Road, the road where the Brixton’s Street Gym is a9fksvr. They have plans in place to invest £100 million to build affordable homes, make a new home for the Ovalhouse theatre, build a chef training school, a nursery, retail shops, a children’s play area, a street gym and many more. Terroll has not received any information on the future of his gym and whether it has been included in the development of Somerleyton Road’s plans.
What does the future hold for the Block WorkOut and the people of Brixton’s community that Terroll’s development has helped?
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