The Umbrella Parade

The Umbrella Parade

Working on a Sunday can be fun sometimes. Especially, if you a shooting an interesting event in the city. The refugee week was being celebrated in London to mark the 60th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Status of Refugees, which initiated on 28 July 1951.  Hundreds of people gathered at the Victoria Embankment gardens and selected colorful umbrellas for the parade. I got myself a blue umbrella to protect the camera from rain (okay fine, I got it for me).  After filming a few speeches and interviews, the parade commenced with the beat of samba drums.  Latisha and Simon chose to be in the front and were filming where as Fozia and I decided to follow the parade from the rear. In this way we could get more shots. Sad I was far away from the Samba drums, actually that was good in a way or else I would get distracted easily.

The parade was led along Embankment and then crossed the River Thames on the on the Golden Jubilee bridge. It was an interesting sight to see so many colourful umbrellas held by people of all races and age. I had to run to and fro to get shots from all angle. The parade ended at South Bank and by now the memory card was half full with loads of visuals.

At Southbank we witnessed a lot activities and stalls of all kind and live music and performance. The food stalls were appealing all of us were trying to focus on our work. A couple of interviews later (which seemed to take forever) we were drained of our energy. Double-checking if we had everything, we decided to wrap up. Next thing on the list was food!

I liked the whole concept of an umbrella parade, as in how the umbrella is a symbol of protection, different colours of umbrellas, different races, and unique places. I admire the fact that Britain is capable of helping refugees and offering them shelter so that they can get on with their lives and leave their horrible past behind.

The only difficult part that I had to face that day was when Simon and Latisha took hours deciding where to go to eat. Arguing all the way, we all ended up in Waterloo’s Mc Donalds for a burger. We decided to split for the time being and retire for the day and prepare for a long week. It better rain, because I want to try my new umbrella!

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