Top 5 Video Games & Top 4 Anime Shows

Top 5 Video Games & Top 4 Anime Shows

It’s no secret that I love watching Japanese cartoons known as Anime and playing Video Games. My very first video game was Pokemon Red when I was eight years old and my very first console was the GameBoy Color. The very first Anime I watched was a given (Pokemon) and watched it on Sky 1 religiously every day after school.

So here are my Top 5 Video Games:

5) Sims 4 – I’ve played the franchise since Sims 2 on the GameCube and still miss the story mode. However, the recent game has done an excellent job with their latest update of having more LGBT Characters and no gender-specific clothing.

Sims 4

4) Mario Kart – I’ve played the gaming series since I was eight on the N64 in Sydney, Australia. I still play the game with family or on my own with the Wii version or on my 3DS. I will challenge anyone of my friends who can beat me on Rainbow Road (the friendship destroyer).

Luigi Mario Kart

3) League of Legends – This was introduced to me during my final year of University and used to play it as one of the support characters. It was a challenging but fun game playing with friends or even random strangers shouting at me in the game chat.

League of Legends

2) Minecraft – Also introduced to me through friends who played the game and went through adventure maps. I even featured in a few videos and had a short spell as a video game commentator. I still play the game and have created some worlds within the sandbox game.


1) Pokemon – Fell in love with the games and still play them to this very day. I am looking forward to the latest ones coming out in late 2016 called Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Pokemon 1

Here are my Top 4 Anime Shows:

4) Beyblade – During high school there was a lot of interest in this Anime show and I had my own collection of spin-tops with blades which were also a part of the show. There were battles in the school corridors and they were actually banned too.


3) Digimon – There were always comparisons between this show and Pokemon. I liked both but Pokemon was way better with their games. One of the things I loved about Digimon was the catchy show tune.


2) Pokemon – I just lost interest after the Hoenn episodes but enjoy watching the latest ones in Japanese with English Subtitles.

Pokemon 2

1) DragonBall Z – Hands down my favourite Anime of all time and grew up watching it during high school and into college. Let’s forget that there was even a live-action Hollywood Movie.

DragonBall z

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