What I Have Learnt at London360 (Acronym)

What I Have Learnt at London360 (Acronym)

Writing – I did try and avoid it as writing has never really been my ‘thing’ but here I am writing yet another blog… YAY. I have learnt to summarise key events and write succinctly for readers to understand.

How to be professional – This refers to punctuality, attire and conduct! People are watching you and yes they will judge you.

Attention to Detail – Do not rush things because you will make mistakes! Double check everything! Don’t hand in rushed work.
Time Management – Write a to do list everyday and keep them so the next day you can refer back and see what you didn’t complete so that you make sure you do today! Plan everything out before just seizing the day. Do not put too much on your to do list, be realistic!
Interview Tips for a Job – BE YOURSELF, plan everything in advance thoroughly, what are you going to do to make you stand out?


How to commit to a project – 6 months of intense work has enabled me to tackle the world and stay dedicated to anything I set out to do.

Articulate – When someone asks you a question don’t be vague… which leads on to my next point….
don’t be VAGUE – 5 w’s – What? Where? Why? When? Who? These are key things to go through your head when answering a question or explaining something to someone.

Vusuals – Visuals for TV are important! Create dynamic shots and have lots and lots of colour.

Effort – Put 100% effort in at all times. Be a go-getter!


Language – When writing interview requests to talent there is a specific language to use to be persuasive to encourage them to accept to be interviewed with you. What have you researched about them that the average person wouldn’t know.

Editorial – These meetings are so important. It’s so important to check in with the team once a week and see where everyone is with work, ideas and deadlines.

Adobe Premiere Pro – The editing software we used. This was a nightmare at times as it is prone to crashing but I overcame all challenges and found editing to be the best part of the process.

Reporting – How to turn a news story into a fantastic, interesting, visually exciting 22 min documentary that takes the story forward and doesn’t just repeat what the mainstream media says.

News – Love the news and current affairs. It affects everyone! Be on top of everything!
Tidy Desk – Your environment says a lot about you… Keep it clean!


Allude – You can’t cover everything in a 22 min show on one topic but allude to various different topics so it shows that you thought about it.

Transcribing – The task that probably required the least brain power of the whole 6 months. Transcribing is essential before editing an interview! You must know exactly what they said and highlight the best bits.


Learning – Life is all about learning. If you didn’t learn something new today then you are doing something wrong.

don’t Overthink – Crack on, you’re probably right anyway and if you are wrong… It’s only TV 😉

Never say no when someone asks you to do something. Instead, work out how you can help or ask if you are ensure.

Don’t cut corners – It will come back to bite you! Don’t just chuck everything onto a timeline and start editing frantically. Grid scripts are your friends. They will make sure you have everything planned out without forgetting anything.

take every Opportunity – Put your name down for everything, you don’t know who you will meet. Don’t close doors for yourself before they have even opened.

Notes – Keep them neat and know where you put them so you can refer back!


360 – Be amazing in all areas of life!


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