Why The Community Channel Helps Hidden Communities By Giving Them A Voice

Why The Community Channel Helps Hidden Communities By Giving Them A Voice

The Community Channel will face closure at the end of this month (July 2016) if it does not reach its £300,000 target by the 17th July 2016.

The money raised will help it become the first people-owned national TV channel in the UK and for £50 will give you a share. People can donate as little as much as £10 and so far investors have raised 67% of the total so far (£202,170 as of the 6th July 2016).

If it wasn’t for the channel young people would not have got their first big break into the industry. There are not many organisations out there that give opportunities to young people and allow them to become TV Presenters, Producers, Editors and even Multimedia Journalists. It is programmes such as London360 which tells stories about hidden communities across the capital. Thanks to the likes of Sky (who have donated £150,000 to the cause), six young people wouldn’t be able to tell these stories across the nation and give these communities a voice.

It is also worth noting that running costs for the channel only work out at 10p per viewer for the entire year and three quarters of the programming are produced in the UK. Also did you know that over 10 million people watch the channel in each year?

Here’s the link to donate on the channel’s Crowdfunder page: http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/community-channel/?

Plus watch these videos from the Community Channel:

Finally, get involved on Twitter with @ComChanTV and #OwnTheChannel.

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