The 21st June 2017 marked the hottest day that June has ever seen since 1976,  with scorching temperatures of 34 degrees London definitely had a heat wave.

A trending topic on twitter however is of course #WorstThingAboutSummerIs because British people HAVE to find something to complain about don’t they. I had a look through some of them and here are the ones I found particularly funny…


  1. #WorstThingAboutSummerIs “The term ‘summer body'” – Every year around May/June people realise that summer is around the corner and that their ‘summer body’ isn’t quite ready and then claim it’s too late and that they’ll have to try again next year. Every year is the same! How do you forget that summer is coming when it comes EVERY YEAR?
  2. #WorstThingAboutSummeris “Flies” – I can understand this complaint. From flying ants, to bees, to wasps, this probably is one of the worst things about summer. With the hot weather,  in my house windows and doors are left open all the time which means flies become residents in the house… Great.
  3. #WorstThingAboutSummeris the HUMIDTY! – This one I can relate to the most! UGH… Straightened hair becomes frizzy almost instantly and curls loose their definition. There’s really no winning with hair in the summer.

4. #WorstThingAboutSummeris the complaints! – “It’s too hot” says the same person who was complaining in the winter that it was too cold and that they wanted to move to Australia or the Caribbean. Dude… just be grateful of what we have. We all know it doesn’t last long anyway because of course next week’s weather prediction is rain all week… You happy now?

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