Young People and Religion

Young People and Religion


We spoke to 6 young Londoners aged 19-25 about their views on religion and it’s relevance in our society today. With a mixture of responses, overall it is fair to say that God is not dead in the city!


One young person spoke on her religious experiences during school. After attending a Catholic primary school, secondary school and college she felt confused with her faith and didn’t know what to believe leading her to become agnostic. Being in such a multicultural city we are exposed to different faiths and this can actually cause u
s to retreat away from religion entirely as we may feel overwhelmed. Is there one true faith? If so, which one is actually ‘correct’?

We spoke to another young Londoner who is an atheist. This person felt no way about religion and wasn’t interested in it at all. Science is the answer. Being put off by street preachers and opinionated elderly family members the best option was to steer well away.


The last 3 young people we spoke to were all strong believers in the Christian faith. They reassured as that God is not dead in the city with it’s ever growing modern influences. Artist’s like Stormzy, a grime MC, confidently talks about his faith and shares religious messages in his songs. This is so important for young people as they can relate to such a person.

The young Londoners spoke about their parents and grandparents who taught them morals and values through religion. This has influenced their lives and moulded them into who they are today. They spoke on how they hope to pass this onto their own children in the future.

One young person in particular spoke on their transformation after finding religion. From being in a state of depression with suicidal thoughts, religion came and supressed those feelings leading to a new, positive and prosperous life. Increasingly, mental health has been a topic of discussion rather than a taboo subject when it comes to young people. It is incredible to know that young people are seeking help pastorally and using religion to overcome challenges.

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