Wall Of Fame

Hope Lanek

Youngest Media

Because of London360 I am equipped with a number of skills that I use in employment. It has also provided me with evidence of work that I can show employers. Since working at London360 I have worked alongside TV personalities such as Len Goodman and Vernon and so it has been a great starting point.

Michael Walsh

Sunset & Vine, BT Sport, Archant

For me personally, working in this industry is not the norm for people from my background so their funding has allowed me to pursue my dream job so I am extremely grateful to them.

Hetty Ashiagbor

Shine TV

London360 has had such a big impact in helping to launch my career. I learnt so many valuable skills, such as filming, editing, producing, attending big name events and organising them. Without funding people from different backgrounds would not be able to take part in this programme.

Kirsty Morrissey

BBC Bitesize

London360 was my first opportunity in the media, as well as technical and editorial skills, it helped my develop personally, particularly with the way I present myself and my confidence in my abilities. The skills I learned on the project would be helpful in any career. London360 is difficult project to explain on paper so thank you for taking a chance and funding the project. Its impact has been immeasurable.

Nicholas Krause


I gained valuable skills and experience that would have otherwise cost huge amounts of money and therefore would have been almost impossible to achieve.

Alex Garlitos

Hat Trick Productions

The main skill I’ve developed from my time at London360 has been managing contributors. I’m now a Casting Researcher for a Channel 5 show and work across funded Development shows in a casting role too. When working in London360, I enjoyed being able to find and deal with contributors for producing the short segments and have now been able to take those skills to main broadcasters to find all sorts of contributors – targeting areas, streetcasting, phoning, skype interviews etc. As well as being able to interview contributors properly to get interesting stories, make them feel comfortable and help them with the process.

Aaron Page

Sick Chirpse, Saint Luxxx

London 360 was a great learning tool and fun experience and I’ll use the skills gained in my future career.

Krystina Meens

Wall to Wall for National Geographic

London360 helped me gain my first researcher job. I already had an MA in journalism but it gave me hands on experience which is hard to get when you are just starting out. Most of all I made really lovely friends.

Ikran Dahir

Somali National TV

London360 didn’t just provide me with technical experience but it also gave me the confidence in my skills and developed them further. Also, the channel I’m working with actually found me through London360!

Holly Powell-Jones

Eagle Radio Ltd., Goldsmiths University of London, City University of London

I have not only become a broadcast journalist, but am now a media trainer and a journalism lecturer(!), which I would not have dreamed of five years ago when I first left uni. Thank you London 360 for helping to set me up on this path, and feel free to stay in touch.

Fumni Olutoye

London Live

Maleena Pone

London Live

Tom Whiter

BBC Radio 1

Tasha Mathur

BBC Press Team

Stephanie Coker

MTV Base

Christinah Adegasoye

Shine Media

Flamina Giambalvo

Islam Channel

Yaw Busia


Marissa Forrester

Gospal Radio

Rose Manley

BBC Sports

Sai Kumar

Freelance Cameraman

Kiran Kaur

Sunrise Radio

Rosa Doherty

Jewish Chronicle

Jordaan Shelley

Princess Productions

Usman Butt

BBC Panorama

Ellie Holland


David Ready


Hanan Bihi

London Live

Sofia Couceiro


Fred Bhat

Discovery TV Networks

Laurelle Campbell

MOBO Awards

Ranel Felix

Sister Pictures